A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies

Hi all,

We’ve had a number of reports regarding achievements and while there are issues with achievements unlocking that the team are addressing, there are a few limitations to achievements unlocking that I wanted to highlight to avoid false reports. These had caught me off guard too so I wanted to make sure there was a clear reference available for players on the forums.

Please also note that these limitations were designed with fairness in mind among players who work to unlock each of the achievements for Stranded Deep.

First of all, the following two achievements will only unlock for the Host in a Multiplayer game upon completion of the story line.

  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Magnets, how do they work?

The following achievements can only be unlocked on a game-generated island and will not unlock on a custom island. If a player travels to a custom island during a timed achievement, the timer may pause and then resume once they return to a game-generated island…

  • Fish are friends
  • Gone green
  • Island hermit
  • Seafarer
  • Guess who’s gon’ be on the plate?
  • Who needs the sea anyway?
  • Working with my hands
  • Lean, mean, crafting machine
  • Another one bites the dust
  • I Hear ‘Industrial’ is in fashion
  • Two of each.

The following achievements can be unlocked on both game-generated and custom islands…

  • Day 10
  • Day 20
  • Horrific Pacific
  • One Day When the Boss Get Hungry
  • Fishing season is open!
  • Island Hopper
  • Back to the Stone Age
  • Hunter of the High Seas
  • Thread Carefully
  • The Sea’s Harvest
  • Really Moving Up in Life
  • Plant It and It Will Grow
  • Another Day, Another Shore
  • Clay Must Feel Happy in a Good Potter’s Hands
  • Put the Engine In Engineering
  • Where I Lay My Head is Home
  • Oceanic DaVinci
  • Call Me Ahab
  • Is This Ithaca?
  • A Little Less Lonely
  • Have you ever seen so many seagulls
  • Gotta craft them all!
  • Call Me Ahab

If you experience any issues with achievements / trophies in the game, please check the Console Known Issues section as we have some already covered there. If you don’t see your issue listed, then please create a new report in the Console Bug Reports section with as much detail as possible and I will respond asap.

Thank you,

UPDATE: FROM version 2116 onwards, piles are no longer included in the requirements for this trophy

Previous note:
Note on “Gotta Craft Them All” trophy.

For this trophy, Piles also count towards the trophy but it are not listed in the crafting menu.

Those who have experienced issues with unlocking this trophy have had success after crafting piles in game. In most cases only 1 pile will be required. One player also reported that they reloaded and restarted their game and crafted a pile immediately in order to unlock the trophy.

Achievements as Player 2 in a Multiplayer game:

Please note that when joining a game as Player 2, you are taking the Player 2 “seat” for that save. If another player were to join the game after you, they would have the progress you made for Player 2 when taking that “seat”.

As such, multiple players joining as Player 2 may result in a situation like the following:

  • Player A hosts a game with their friend, Player B
  • Player B unlocks ‘Day 10’
  • Player A continues game with another friend, Player C
  • Player C unlocks ‘Day 20’. They do not unlock ‘Day 10’ unlocked by Player B.
  • Player A continues game with Player B
  • Player B cannot unlock ‘Day 20’ as it is already considered unlocked for Player 2 by Player C.
  • Player B can also progress a trophy, for example, complete 7 days of the ‘Day 10’ Trophy, which Player C can join and unlock after 3 days.

As another example:

  • Player B unlocked “Gone Green” as Player 2
  • Player C is unable to unlock “Gone Green” within the same game as Player 2.

The team are continuing to investigate what could cause a delay / block trophies unlocking for Player 2 outside of the example above. If you have experienced issues with trophies as Player 2 in a game where you are the only Player 2 to join, please submit a report with as much information as possible in the Console Bug Reports section - any additional information about individual experiences in attempting to unlock trophies is greatly appreciated and can help the team in their investigation.