Message from the Team - 22/11/10 [PC and Console]

Hi everyone!

As some of you may have noticed when visiting the front page of the forums, we’ve started to compile all the News and Announcements into one section. This means that the “Message from the Team” posts will now cover both PC and console news going forward - including this one!

We’ll be keeping patch notes separate for clarity purposes and because the updates for PC and console release at different times, but they’ll be posted in the general News and Announcements section too. I’ll be working to move all of the older posts to this new area for ease of reference so please bear with me during the moving and renaming of posts.

Now onto our usual message update. The Dev and QA teams have been working hard to fix and test issues reported by players. Below you’ll find a list of fixes that have been verified and ready to be released. After that we also have some additional details about the next updates.

Recent Fixes:

  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region. We recommend selecting a different region until this fix is released.
  • Fixed no feedback when client disconnects during join-in-progress during ‘Sync World’.
  • Fixed Map Editor save menu not localizing for French language.
  • Fixed UI navigation becoming partially unresponsive after attempting to create an online session with no internet connection in the Host Game menu.
  • Cartographer: Fixed game hanging when the player clicks on ‘Yes’ button multiple times on the confirmation prompt for ‘Generate Perlin’.
  • Fixed a repro for players getting stuck on ‘Cleaning Up’ screen.
  • Fixed loss of input when switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile.
  • Fixed local co-op games getting stuck if P2 opens pause menu and un-assigns their controller.
  • Fixed player able to change settings of existing save game after creating a new game with different settings on the same save slot.
  • Fixed ‘Apply’ button position in the Join Game lobby menu.
  • Fixed game not displaying confirmation notification when saving a game.
  • Fixed host and client being able to drag the same ‘Palm Tree’
  • Fixed game room appearing ‘[Busy]’ when the host is standing near a Boss.
  • Local co-op: Fixed both players not showing Boss UI when the other player initiates the fight alone.
  • Local co-op: Fixed game failing to take input from P1 after P2 uses a Shelter/Bed while P1 is using a Label Maker.
  • Fixed unable to remove meat from campfire when fuel depleted.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the very top.
  • Epic: Fixed redundant notification of missed achievements on custom islands.
  • Fixed a desync issue when rapidly removing items from piles.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after using a Bed to save.
  • Fixed multiplayer session not joinable after failed sleep.
  • Fixed multiplayer session joinable during sleeping sequence.
  • Changed multiplayer region to reset to ‘Best’ when opening create session menu. Fixes issues if the player fails to connect to a specific region.

Recent Fixes:

  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region. We recommend selecting a different region until this fix is released.
  • Fixed game loading errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, eg: Arabic, Thai.
  • Fixed “Seafarer” achievement not unlocking for players.
  • Fixed consecutive achievements not unlocking. Please also see
  • Fixed spoiled fruit/veg stuck in containers.
  • Fixed players colliding with raft sails.
  • Fixed Snakes failing to attack playing in single player mode.
  • Fixed animals not respawning on custom islands.
  • Fixed client gets disconnected when either of the players selects an item in the Tool Belt UI which has already been consumed/equipped by the other player.
  • Fixed ‘Out of the Frying Pan’ achievement failing to unlock for clients upon finishing the game in a multiplayer session.

A new PC update is scheduled to go out next week. Because of scheduling, this update won’t include all of the most recent verified fixes, but another update will follow shortly after this.

A new Console update is coming soon. The team’s priority has been integrating the Item Pile feature for consoles and making sure it has been battle-tested and QA is confident with their coverage.

The team is currently reviewing potential submission and release dates. First parties (Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo) have closures over the holidays so they will be working around this. Rest assured, the team wants to get an update out asap with this feature and the latest fixes!

Some fixes will be ready in time to join the Item Piles feature in the next update, but others may not. The list of fixes above is not a list of every issue in the queue for the team so don’t worry if you don’t see your issue listed here as it is likely in an earlier phase of fixing and testing.

I’ve seen a few comments regarding future features for the console version of Stranded Deep and I wanted to note again for those that missed it that the last feature to be added to the console version of the game will be the Item Piles. After that feature is added, the team will continue to work on reports from players about issues they have experienced in game and then consider other “Quality of Life” changes that might be brought over from PC.

I also saw comments on next gen upgrades recently. The console version is designed for PS4 and XB1. While this version can be played on the newest generation of consoles, there is currently no plans to work on a next gen upgrade for Stranded Deep. The team will be focusing on improving the gameplay and stability of the PS4 and XB1 versions alongside fixes and QoL changes.

Thank you everyone who has reported issues via the bug report sections for PC and Console. The information you’ve shared is greatly appreciated by the team. Thank you also for your continued support while the team works to resolve issues for the next updates.

:: Stay Alive!

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Yay! an update for PC. That’s great news! BUT if I am being Honest.
Console updates needs to be prioritized over PC right now.
I have seen TERRIBLE game crashes and lost boats, bases, missing boxes. You name it. There are game breaking bugs that demotivate people from playing. Those pissed off people take to social media looking for fixes and always ask about updates. Literally no one can answer any of their questions. Including beam team.
I make YouTube content on stranded deep. I have grown my channel with it and the game has been good to me. However, when I make a how-to video, I have to TRY and balance PC and Console or else I get hammered in the comments section… “I can’t do that because I’m on console” “I wish I could do that” “When update for console”

Give console players a date… and a dev console to have fun with at least!

It’s not a good thing. It’s gotten to where it is not ok.

Cheers, sorry not sorry.


it’s a cool news and about the glitched trophies like Call me Ahab they have a correction ?

Thank’s for your response

Hi Vilink,

The team are still working on the Call Me Ahab issue, last I heard they replicated the issue internally and are working on a fix for it. It will still need to be tested so I cannot confirm at this point if it’ll be incuded in the next update, or a following one.

If I get word of a fix being confirmed and ready, I’ll post it in a message like the one above

Any word on fresh potatoes / fruit going bad on the tree, both farmed and wild variants?

Hi Darkthought, from what I’m able to see it looks like a fix was found for this issue by the team. I believe the next phase for it is testing and it’ll be released in a following update as the fix was not confirmed ready for the update that was just released.