Trophy unlocking issues

I too am suffering from bugs in Trophy unlocks. Two of each won’t unlock and industrial is in fashion wont unlock either. For industrial i crafted 10 shelving then broke them.all down and crafted 10 tables. So that one us definetely bugged for me. Two of each, i put like 5 snakes and 4 boars on the raft as well as a container containing mini crabs seagulls and bats in my inventory. And yes, i went out in a heavy storm. Idk whats up with this, but help me out here.

Hi Hobbitinacyclone,

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issues with trophy unlocks. Thank you for reporting which ones you are experiencing issues with. I moved your post to it’s own thread so I can respond directly to you about the trophies you are experiencing issues with.

Two of each:
This is an issue the team are aware of and I believe are close to having a fix sorted for. In case you have not seen it, I have a known issues post with some workarounds here: [Known Issue] "Two of Each" Trophy Unlocking Issues

I also have a post here on achievements:A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies - please note this achievement can only be unlocked on a game-generated island.

It seems the main issue appears to be to do with the weather. Players have reported success in sailing just before a storm / as the storm is starting rather than in the middle of a storm. The animals in question need to be close to the user on their raft. While you do not need seagulls and bats for the trophy to work, I would keep the crabs close to you or in your inventory rather than in containers. 2 Hogs are also required for this achievement.

I hear Industrial is in Fashion:
Can you confirm for me if you’re on a custom island or a game generated one when attempting this achievement? This achievement will not unlock on a custom island, it will need to be done on a game generated one.

If you are attempting this trophy on a game generated island, and it is still not unlocking, please confirm for me you crafted each item with corrugated scrap. Please also try shutting down your console and unplugging for 2-5 mins to clear the cache before rebooting and check the achievements on your console to see if anything was delayed in unlocking.

If you’re still experiencing issues with the trophies, any extra information you can provide about your attempts to unlock them in your game may help me to determine where the error could be occurring and I may be able to offer other suggestions too.

Thank you.

Industrial: ok. I did not know a custom island prevented that. I will attempt on a non custom island. Will it be affected if its in the same save file? Or do i have to start a new game without custom islands?

Do custom islands really affect trophy progress that much? I wasnt aware that kinda stuff turned trophies off.

After rereading your reply, im starting to convince myself that custom islands turn off trophies even if im not on the island at the time. Im just going to restart without custom islands. I will come back if issues continue. Thank you.

Hi Hobbitinacyclone,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your message. Custom islands should not prevent the trophies being unlocked on other islands in the same save. In most cases I believe it’s because players can add custom resouces to the islands which could give an advantage towards the trophy. For timed trophies / trophies that require X days to pass, the custom island should just pause progress until the player returns to a generated island. I assume a trophy like Industrial is Fashion should work in a similar way.

I’m uncertain if items spawned on the island, but used on a generated island would have the same effect however. I will check with the team to see if they can shed some light on this.

Please do let me know if you manage to unlock the trophies in question and under what conditions. I’ll let the team know if anything may need to be investigated.

In chatting with the team they said that custom islands in the map shouldn’t prevent a trophy from unlocking and bringing resources back to a generated island also shouldn’t be a problem.

They did however notice that there could be an issue with corrugated items not being counted towards the achievement and are looking into this. (Edited for clarification -Clare)

Hello Clare =)
I can confirm that having custom islands in your seed does NOT have an effect on achievements UNTIL YOU VISIT ONE. After you visit a custom island, your achievements may or may not populate. Replicating it would be a nightmare and likely take many many hours of trial and error.


Thanks for letting me know Santeria318, I’ll inform the team so they can investigate.

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Update: i have started a new game and have unlocked Industrial & seafarer. Both of which i suspected were affected by custom maps. Being i was on a custom island while trying to unlock trophies before seemed to be an issue.

The next two i will be attempting is two of each & who needs the sea. Seems as if custom islands prevented those as well.

Thank you for that update hobbitinacyclone, I will inform the team of your success after starting a new map. Please do let me know if you have any issues with the other achievements or if they unlock with ease for you on this new map too.

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