[Console] Message from the Team, 2022-08-30

Hi everyone!

The team wanted to give a small update on progress that’s been made over the past few weeks on the console side. Below are some highlights of some, but not all, of what’s going on behind the scenes. Please do not worry if the issue you reported is not listed below, the team are working their way through all reports submitted by the community and not every detail is listed below.

  • New team members have joined the Stranded Deep console team to assist with dev and QA testing.

  • The team believe they’ve found the fix for spoiled food stuck in crates and wiping the crate contents on reload. The next steps here will be to have the fix verified and then tested.

  • There are some other fixes queued up to be added to a new build for testing soon. These include…

    • The fix for the issue with the spyglass (Please see the Known Issues Report for a new potential workaround shared by Suthsa1 on the forums)
    • The fix for display name prefixes for food such as ‘Smoked’, ‘Cooked’ and ‘Spoiled’ overlapping on one item.
    • The fix for skinnable animals not fading out correctly after they’ve been skinned.
    • Updates to Bandage text to make reviving another player in multiplayer clearer.
    • The fix for crafting/inventory notifications displaying when loading the game.
  • Some of the issues the team are working on at the moment include…

    • Achievements not unlocking once conditions are met,
    • Crafting items not unlocking in the crafting menu (such as toolbelt and story items)
    • Disconnect issues that are occurring in multiplayer.
  • There has been some understandable confusion regarding some achievements unlocking so I’ve created A Note On Console Achievements / Trophies for reference. Should you experience any issues outside of this guide, please let me know via a bug report and I’ll alert the team asap.

  • The team are also continuing their investigation into the causes of crashes for players and they hope that by fixing other issues reported by players, this will reduce the trickle down effect that could result in a crash in game or when saving. This in turn should also help to reveal other issues that could potentially cause crashes over time for players.

  • The main focus for the team right now is the bug fixes - both issues found by the community or anything that has cropped up for QA during testing. After that, more time and consideration will be given to Quality of Life (QoL) changes.

Thank you all, as always, for your understanding and support as the team works on the next update for Stranded Deep on console. I’ll be back with another update from the team in a short while as things progress.

Stay Alive!

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No disrespect claire because you have done an amazing job and got alot of flak from everyone but this game seems to be so dead in the water i know i speak for alot of people who expect more than just a few bug fixes after years and i know they wont port over pc standard things but it would be amazing to have those things on console, i feel the devs have given up a bit :frowning: this is an amazing game which has so so much potential which we would all love to see, id like to see more personal responses from the devs as they promised instead of getting you to relay information on there behalf and getting the flak for it :slight_smile:

Hi tonto614,

Thank you for your feedback. As per Sam’s more recent console update - Update from the team, 2022-08-11 - I’ll be working with Sam to post messages from the team and getting updates from them more regularly so I can keep the community updated while the dev team themselves focuses on resolving issues.

I understand players would like to see a lot more fixed as well as some changes and as I mentioned in my post the list above is not the full list of reports but a some of the more recent ones the team have been working and I have not receieved word from the team that the next update would be limited to those listed.

While the last feature to be ported over to the game from PC will be piles, the team have said after addressing reports of issues, they will be looking at other quality of life changes from PC that they could bring over - what those could be is yet to be confirmed, but if I hear anything, I’ll let to community know.

Thanks again for your feedback.

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Thanks claire appreciated :slight_smile:

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Curious about new team members joining the console team. Does this mean people were hired or was staff moved around?

33,890 downloads on STEAM @ $14.99 . . . :smirk:

This is an amazing game with tons of potential.
Is there just not enough money at the studio to do more with it?
Are there not enough people to port over from PC? Do the studio heads even care about console players?
I’ll check in every couple of months to see about a new update and every time it’s a disappointment.

On console there are 21 islands, 3 boss fights and the exit. Some islands are small and some are big, but they are mostly the same with the same resources.

There is so much that can be done with this game and it seems like the studio just doesn’t care about expanding the game. Or maybe they do but they just don’t know how to since they can’t seem to fix the bugs that have been plaguing console for years.

There are so many other survival games out there, give us a reason to continue to play yours.

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I do love this game, and think it has a lot of potential. Personally I wasn’t that interested in co-op, and would have instead preferred update efforts to concentrate on new flora and fauna. Larger islands, deeper wrecks, more sea life, and much greater items (e.g. trees, caves) on islands would make this game amazing (and much more popular as a result).

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Now I’m interested in whatever the community ask at this point from this

Im sorry to say. You made the game its free on plus for ps+ people. I paid 19.99 when it was online due to jacksepticguy saying how good it was. Well surprise. I paid now its free for ps+ people. What a sight. Free? Yet now i can not get my money back cuz its a game you could spend hoyrs on with multiple problems.
I put meat on a hobo. I know how. If your asking. I stayed up until sun went down. Work up figured it was cooked. Hell no it wasnt.
Will it be fix for binuculars the food the boxes n many others fixes.
Dream about the game when it works. Like when ps3 went off line n few go a few updates that were worthless. Remember those times? I feel this is the beginning to the end.