[PS5][2083][Trophies] 10 day trophies are not popping up

I have been grinding out all of the 10 consecutive day achievements and they still haven’t popped up and it is Day 14! I have been staying away from eating meat, staying on one island, and no sleeping from the very start of the game but still no trophy. However, I do remember leaving the starter island after a day or two so I waited another 2 days on the current island in hopes of the trophies coming through. I did receive the trophy for surviving for 10 consecutive days exactly on Day 10 but that’s it.


I did 4 custom islands at North, East, South, and West of the starter island.

Something that was out of the ordinary that happened during my game play was I fell from a tall height on a wrecked ship and broke a leg. I also noticed that the animals in the game were glitching. I noticed the wild hogs, crabs, and king crabs would all run into the water when I got close however they would stay there even after I moved away. I especially noticed this with the large wild hog and king crab. The hog and crab stayed in the same spot running in motion underwater if I approached/attacked.

I did try to eat meat, go to sleep, travel to another island around Day 14 in hopes of getting the trophy to pop up. Fyi, I didn’t save my game file while doing any of this in case it didn’t work. I tried quitting to main menu and reloading my save file. I also tried quitting the app and opening the app back up from the ps5 menu.

Hi K19, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing these issues during your gameplay. There different aspects of your gameplay mentioned so please bear with me as I have a number of questions about your experiences to ensure I have everything covered.

Please let me know…

  • Is this a single player or multiplayer type save you are using?

  • What slot are you using and is there another save type in the same slot?

  • Can you confirm for me if the trophies you are referring to are…

    Fish Are Friends
    Island Hermit
    Gone Green
    and Day 10 (now unlocked)

  • Have you attempted all of these from the starter island so far? Were any attempted on your custom islands or another game generated island since your report?

  • Did you travel to one of your Custom islands surrounding your starter island before the Day 10 notification appeared?

  • Please confirm for me you’ve checked the trophy list on your console as sometimes trophies can unlock without a notification displaying.

  • You mentioned breaking a leg, did this occur during the 10 days, or after the 10th day?

  • The issues you described with the creatures running into the water, was this on the custom islands? Did you notice it occurring on game-generated islands at all?

  • For your custom islands, were they placed North, South, East and West by the compass in game / in the cartographer - diagonal to the starter island on the cartographer grid - or Up, Down, Left and Right in relation to the starter island and cartographer grid?

  • When you avoided saving for the 14 days, was there a save before you started attempting these trophies that you reloaded, one you created after your 14 day attempt, or was there no save at all and upon reloading the game you started a completely new save file?

  • When reloading the game, did you also try clearing the cache of the console? You can do this by shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting.

I understand that’s a good number of questions and these trophies not unlocking correctly can be frustrating, but any extra information you can give us would be greatly appreciated and can help the team to investigate further.

I have received reports recently of the seafarer achievement not unlocking for some players and will update that report with the info you have shared, as well as submitting new reports on issues with other achievements.

For the Seafarer achievement, a player did mention managing to unlock it, but to do so they stayed in a hut with food and water for 10 days, and the only actions taken were those to keep the character alive. I know this is not an ideal workaround, but it may be something you wish to try while the team is working on this issue. If you do try this and it works for you, please let me know, as it may indicate there is some action during gameplay that is unintentionally canceling out the 10 days and causing this issue.

Thank you.

Hi K19,

After reviewing some achievements with the team, I created a list of achievements as some will not unlock / the timer will pause on a custom island. The list can be found here: A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies

If you find you are still experiencing issues outside of this guide, please let me know.