[PS4/PS5] [Trophies] What trophies are not accessible in multi-player?

Im wondering if all trophies can be unlocked in multi-player? If not which trophies are only unlocked single player.

My understanding is “call me ahab” is still borked for just about everyone.

Everything else is doable give or take how you do it. (That I’m aware of)

Noah Ark one, (2 of everything) can be done with crabs in inventory. But only counts for person carrying them. So both players will have to have certain ones held. One of player may need stay off the Raft.

Few others require each player to trigger it themselves. One person crafting all items wont trigger it for both players.

Campfire one, was abit odd… But I think do to way the game keeps track of both people. Both player need to make sure there near it.

Plently of users have co-op bosses on ps4. Heard of a few issues, sounded like only 1 user was in water.

Hi there,

While there are some issues with achievements like Call Me Ahab that the team are looking into, the following list outlines some restrictions to achievements in both single and multiplayer games: