[PS5] Multiplayer connection desync

Yeah, this all happens while I’m playing with the wife in the same house sitting right next to each other and we both playing on PS5 with a WIRED connection and all these issues reported in the opening post are happening to us, and we have never used any custom islands just playing normally.

Hi @TheRetroManiac,

I moved your comment to its own topic so I could address your comment directly while keeping all of your information together in one place. This can make it easier for teams to reference individual details in reports.

The original report you commented on should be linked at the bottom of your moved comment for reference.

I am sorry to hear you’re experiencing an issue with desyncs between yourself and player 2.

Please let me know:

  • Have these issues been occurring since the start of gameplay, or did the issues start after some progress had been made?
  • If they are occurring right from the beginning of your Multiplayer save, please try both using a wireless connection, or a mixture of wired and wireless. There is an issue with PlayStations in the same household on the same connection however players have reported that switching to wireless has helped them in the past. If possible, you may also wish to try one console connecting via a mobile hotspot or similar to rule out any issues on the connection side. If you try this, please let me know.
  • If the issues occurred after some gameplay time…
    • do you recall what in-game day this happened on?
    • do you recall what kind of progress you had made in the game or if any significant leap in progress was made right before this started?
    • if significant progress was made before this started, please describe your base island both in terms of structures and items you may have collected there.
    • EmoGal22313 mentioned that before desyncs started occurring for them, they had changed a wildlife setting. Did you change any settings after starting your game, and if so, did you notice if there could be a direct relation between changing that setting and desyncs starting?
  • If Player 2 hosts a game instead, do the same issues occur?
  • What Router and ISP are you using? The team are aware of an issue that can occur between Spectrum and the service used for Stranded Deeps multiplayer connections, but we’re also checking to see if any other ISP is commonly mentioned.

Any additional info you can provide about your own experience would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

I have an issue here because I went on holiday for a week that I cannot remember all the details and I could not respond while away as the internet was not the best.

Anyway, when we first started playing everything was fine it was 1000% after so many days played in the game, and we had lots of resources, and we destroyed most things on the islands we visited and put everything into piles. We have explored 18 islands in total, and now it’s got worse.

Base island aka the spawn island we brought everything back too, well all the main good stuff we left stuff like logs sticks etc on the other island as there was always lots of that stuff. We did not really touch on building any stuff except for the stuff in the crafting menu where the shelter is, we built all of those. We had about 8 farms and 10 water stills and lots of shelves with crates in and anything from the base island like the logs sticks etc were all in piles.

Not only that, but we always had wildlife settings on passive and never changed it.

Player 2 has not hosted the game as the save would be mine, so we essentially be back at square one so that has not been tried, plus we would have to progress far into the game for these bugs to occur again I’d imagine.

I am using VODAFONE CITYFIBRE 900Mbps and 900 upload, my internet should not be an issue as we do not have this issue on other games.

Not sure where to put this, but things are worse I decided if I take some stuff from the base island to another island maybe separate the amount of piles in one place hopefully things will be better but nope I made a Meat Smoker and I cannot place anything on it or even the camp fire, so I cannot eat any cooked food lol.

Also storms never replenish the water stills it catches nothing same with the farm’s no water collected this is becoming unplayable at times, and it’s a shame as we were really enjoying it but not with these game breaking bugs. My wife also cannot see a pile on the floor but on my screen I see it fine, so she placed another pile next to it, and now it overlaps, but she still does not see it.

Hi TheRetroManiac,

Thank you for elaborating on what you’ve experienced in the game. I completely understand how disheartening these issues can be and appreciate you taking the time to share additional details with us.

[Edit: removed question regarding custom islands as it had already been answered by TheRetroManiac in the original post]

It does however sound like the majority of your issues may originate in the desync between players. While I understand that this does not occur with other games, I will make a note of your ISP for the team too as multiplayer for games can be built in a number of ways with additional services for linking multiplayer together.

The issue that affects PlayStations in the same household on the same connection is also not necessarily directly linked to your connection, but is an issue that can affect some players and games. If you were able to try swapping your connection type (wired to wireless etc) please let me know, regardless if it had an impact or not as it allows me to rule it out for the team.

I know in the past lots of individual items, especially on the one island, could have an impact on performance, but I will pass the details you’ve shared onto the team to see if they have any suggestions for anything to try that may help in game.

Thank you again for sharing this info.

Further followup to this as I was reading back through your post. Do you have a few piles of sticks around the campfire?

Players have previously reported that having items piled near may have an impact on things like placing items on or lighting the fires. I know you said you moved items off the island, but if there are still recourses such as sticks around the fire, please try moving them too to see if that helps at all.

Funny story I backed up this world too my USB and actually started a new one for a few days before seeing you posted about some things too try, so I went back to the world and started moving things around and what not and yeah strange things happened the meat smoker worked again, and the water stills started collecting water again and all seemed like it was going better.

Yeah, the desync thing is nuts I’m dragging the raft and on my wife’s screen the raft is submerged under the water, this is horrible too play at times because of these issues and many more. The crates being opened on hers and not seeing things in them, or it’s very delayed. New one happened today she was playing I looked at her screen, and it was BLACK she could not see a thing happened several times before fixing itself. Also, when we got to a certain island after a few mins in game she always got disconnected, and it mainly happened on that island.

I will try the WIRELESS connection thing later and see if that makes a difference, i do hope these issues get fixed along with the trophy bugs like 3 bosses and staying on one island for 10 days.

Never mind the bosses trophy is not bugged, what made me think it was bugged was this when you kill the 1st sea monster the trophy pops and when you kill the 3rd boss it does not pop because you have to craft the trophy mounts in the STORY section in the crafting menu.

Hi TheRetroManiac

Thank you for the additional information regarding how the desync affects your gameplay, I’ll pass this onto the team. I know there is a new update due soon, I believe it is waiting to be approved by Sony and Microsoft. But once your game does update, please do let me know if any of the desync issues improve for you. I know there are a few multiplayer fixes contained within but I do not know if there is a fix for your specific issue.

I’ll also keep any eye out for any update from you regarding trying a wireless connection.

Thank you also for following up on the boss trophy, I’m glad you were able to unlock it after crafting the in-game trophies.

For staying on one island for 10 days, can you confirm for me if you’ve been doing this on a regular game generated island? The Island Hermit trophy will not unlock on custom islands - I know you’ve said before that you don’t use them, but I just want to double check incase you’ve added any since your initial report. Please also let me know if you’re using the shipwreck as your base for trying this as that may have a similar effect. More info on trophies can be found here: A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies

Has player 2 successfully unlocked the same trophy within your save or are they having the same issue?

If you recall what you have tried to do in order to unlock this trophy and whether it was across a single or multiple game sessions, please do let me know as I may be able to offer additional suggestions and ask the team to investigate this further based on the info you’ve provided.

Thank you.

Oh, I also see from your other post that you have several trophies you’ve having issues with outside of the two mentioned above. If you’d like to share more details I’ll forward info onto the relevant team members and help in any way I can.

Yeah, that approval process can be a pain all depends on how fast they approve the patch, well let’s hope It’s soon as the general game breaking stuff makes it not so fun I hope it will be fixed.

I have not used any custom islands on the game at all, I wanted to play through it normally without doing any of that and just go from island to island for resources etc.

I have not used a shipwreck or even stepped in the water I survived of crabs and sardines that are in little pockets of the water that I don’t need to stand it as yeah, I have been trying different things. I currently have all trophies now except the 10 days on one island, so all have worked on 2116 thus far I’m happy to report.

Player 2 did not get the trophy either, not all trophies pop for player 2 regardless if they were even there for it.

Tried it in a single session and over multiple sessions, so I have now deleted all save data, and I’m attempting it again now. After this, I’m going to try the wireless thing out, see if it helps that it for desync.

Attempted it again and the trophy popped, for me. What I have done was scavenge the island knocked everything down put everything into piles made a fire a shelter and meat smoker slept when I could too progress the nights when it came down too day 9 I let the night pass naturally, so it would go into day 10 normally rather than sleeping this worked for me.

My wife was playing side by side did the same things as me, and it did not pop, so this one is 100% BUGGY and both these attempts were in a single player world no custom anything as we don’t use that. I picked up a crate from a boat that was on the sand on my island, and a storm happened within a few days. The difference between us is that she had no storm till day 10 itself and picked up no crates. I was trying to test things out to see if I could get it working, and I could not, so I chalk it up as BUGGY, and it needs looking into, every other trophy is fine.

Tested the wireless made no difference, everything was the same with us both being on wireless, so naturally switched back to wired.

Hi TheRetroManiac,Thank you for keeping me updated on your attempts. I’m glad you were able to unlock the trophy and appreciate you letting me know what you did, especially the difference in sleeping.

I’m sorry to hear your wife did not get the trophy at the same time. I’ll pass all of this info onto the team, I know there is an open investigation into this trophy and I believe the details you’ve shared above could be of great help to the team.

I am also sorry to hear the wireless made no difference and it’s understandable you’ve returned to wired connections. The new update to version 2121 was released today. You can find details of it here: [Console] Update 2121 Release Notes and Info

If you notice any impact on your game, positive or negative, please let me know. I know the team is still working on the crates issue as one of their top priorities, so unfortunately the fix for that wasn’t included in this update.

Thank you again for all the info you’ve shared thus far.