Gone Green trophy wont pop

I have latest version and on PS4. Playing multiplayer as 2nd player and i have gone 20 days only eating and drinking coconuts. Nothing has popped. This is by far the most bugged game i ever played. I cant believe i spent $30 on this. This is madness.

Are all 6 plants on the same island or not?

Plants? Yes but i live off coconuts

Cus I thought green thumb when I saw the name

And are you you went 10 days

More like 20 days now and no trophy

So 20 days in a row without meat?

Yes no meat just coconuts

This is likely issue right here, Being 2nd player can be… tough for some of trophies. Most can trigger. Player 1, munching on meat could be messing with you, since there Host. =/

Hi Gothemtry66,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing issues with the Gone Green trophy unlocking.

Please let me know:

  • As @Sera67 mentioned, is the host trying to unlock the same trophy, or are they eating meat / fish while you are eating coconuts? While this should not affect the trophy, this is a good theory as to what could be happening.

  • If this is not the case, does the host already have the trophy or are they experiencing the same issue too?

  • Are you attempting this trophy on a custom added island or a game generated island? Please note that as per A Note on Console Achievements / Trophies - Gone Green will only unlock on game-generated islands. If you travel to a custom island to continue this trophy, the timer will pause and time spent there eating coconuts will not count towards your trophy.

  • Have you completed 10 days without reloading the game? (This also should not have an affect on the trophy but it’s good to know for the team trying to replicate the issue)

Any additional info you can give me about your gameplay setup and trophy attempts would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.

The host was and unlocked the trophy. Im at day 30 and still on coconut diet and no trophy. I been at this trophy on different islands. I havnt been to a custom island in a while. Reloading? What does that mean?

Hi Gothemtry66,

Thank you for that additional info.

My apologies for any confusion caused, by reloading I mean did you achieve 10 days eating only coconuts within the one gameplay session, or have they been broken up by ending your gameplay sessions, where you would save and reload at a later stage. If your gameplay sessions are smaller than 10 days, is there a chance another player 2 is joining the save in between when you join the session and eating meat/fish? Also, is it possible to attempt 10 days all at once?

Can you confirm if after the host unlocked the trophy, have they been eating meat / fish while you attempt it yourself? I also forgot to ask if yourself and the host started this trophy at the same time or if they had unlocked it much earlier in this save?

I am sure you have already checked this, but just to confirm as players have mentioned notifications for achievements failing to show, have you double checked the achievements on your console to ensure Gone Green is still locked for you?

Thanks again.

The host started and got the trophy later then i started. I will try tonight 10 days in one go and see if that helps. But is it confirmed that being player 2 renders the Gone Green trophy unobtainable?

Not that I’m aware, But6 I’ve seen a few slow triggers as non-host, and seen few people stream game co-op with some delay oddities as Player 2.

I trigger it offline myself. (used 2 custom islands and collected rations >_<) and then sat on my boat fishing and sleeping to get those done all in one go. XD

Thank you for trying this Gothemtry66, I will report back to the team regardless of the outcome as this trophy should unlock once conditions are met for player 2. As per the link I shared on trophies above, the only 2 trophies that do not unlock for player 2 are “Magnets, how do they work?” and “Out of the frying pan”. However, as Sera67 mentioned, the team are investigating delays in Player 2 trophies unlocking as there have been some reports of issues with other trophies.

It may also be worth asking the host to clear the cache of their console before loading the save (shutting down and unplugging for 2 mins before rebooting) incase there is something caught in the cache delaying the trophy for you.