Message from the Team - Console Update Progress Info

Hi everyone,

The team wanted to give you some info on where Console is at with regards to the next update and issues being worked on.

Our top priorities are all issues related to saving, achievements and crates.

We have identified some scenarios where the game could fail to save. We haven’t been able to reproduce these scenarios, but we’re making sure that they are handled and any errors are displayed to the player so there is no confusion.

We’ve also identified some scenarios where achievements may not unlock and have a fix in the works. A major cause of desyncs was discovered and fixed; we’re hoping this addresses some related issues that have been hard to reproduce. It was discovered after a lot of testing as the conditions to reproduce were very unpredictable, so it’s great we were able to find and fix this.

We’re continuing to run extended play-tests to reproduce crate issues.

Below is a list of issues which were reported to us by the community and have now been fixed, these are either in the final stages of testing, or waiting to be grouped into an update for release.

We have also included a list of a number of high priority issues and in progress issues which the team are continuing to work on.

We’re looking at open slots with Sony and Microsoft so the next patch can be submitted to them and approved for release as soon as possible.


  • Story items remaining locked in the main menu.
    *We spend extra time on this to ensure these items unlock retroactively too. So if you’ve already beaten the bosses, you should be able to craft each of the story items without issue.
  • Hooks and Shelves not attaching to walls
  • Various crafted items (including piles) not being placable on foundations
  • Started crate not showing all available slots.
    *The starter crate will now show 8 available slots. Starter crates on PC will also be balanced to match.
  • Player 2 losing all interactions in game after using a Pile in Multiplayer
    *This issue had a trickle-down effect that caused other issues with desyncing in multiplayer.
  • Deconstruction of Raft bases.
  • Toolbelt slots locked in the crafting menu.

Top Priority and In Progress:

  • “Continue” option missing for players who saved on their raft in the water.
  • “Continue” option missing for multiplayer sessions after saving for the first time.
  • Crates shifting and in some cases disappearing on reload of a save or area.
  • Rafts moving / disappearing on reload
  • Player crates and items moving and sinking into the center of their island
  • Achievements - we are continuing with testing on these, a few achievements were blocked by issues listed in “Fixed” above and should now unlock correctly.
  • The PS controller touchpad produces fast clicking sounds when in menus.
  • Construction outline for raft parts becoming stuck when attempting to build a raft.

Please do not worry if the issue you reported is not listed above, the team will be working through reports and continuing with more fixes.

Thank you to everyone for their continued support and patience as the team works to resolve these issues and get the next update out asap. While some of the issues may not have a fix in time for release in the next update, they will be included in the following update. We will announce the confirmed contents of the update itself closer to release.

Stay Alive!


Thank you for the update Clare

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PS5 Upgrade Please DEVs

Is there any new update on a potential or affirmed release date for the patch?

Hi Bubbazhar, welcome to the forums,

I have not heard an update on a timeframe for the release from the team, as soon as I do I will create a new post in News and Announcements so it cannot be missed.

Hello, you stated the bug has been fixed. This bug is critical to play the game. Can you release a hotfix instead of waiting for a patch?

The bug literally stops you completing the game and will lose player momentum.


Hi Buda,

Thank you for your feedback I will pass it onto the team. However in a lot of cases for the issues mentioned above, including the issues with crafting the story items, some addition testing has been required for the fixes before they can be released.

Hi there, I’ve been playing stranded deep for years from PC to now console. Never actually finished the game and thought I’d give it one last try. Killed all the bosses etc. But for some reason I cannot access the plane/story parts. I have managed to obtain 2/3 parts but I cannot recreate the parts at all as they are still locked, and in the quick menu they are also not there and I also did not get a trophy from it unlike the other bosses. I have looked through these pages on this and other sites and people suggested going back to boss locations and trying, which I did and had no luck sadly. This post above said that you have updated it and fixed it yet I am still having problems. This game was a big part of my childhood and it’s a bit disappointing not being able to have a fully functioning game that states that it’s fixed. Theories ??

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Hi @JulianPriest20, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear that the issue with “Story” items in the crafting menu not unlocking is affecting your save too.

Please note the information above is an information on an update that is in progress and what is being worked on / compiled, not one that has been released yet.

As soon as I have a confirmed release date and finalised list of contents from the team for this update I will create a new post in the News and Announcements section.

Can you give us an estimate time st least the announcement was released 21 days ago if you could at least let ud now if the update is happening 1-3 or 6 months from now so people know when the game is ready to complete


Agreed, an estimation would be nice. All I’m waiting for is the Gotta Craft Them All trophy.


It’s been a couple of months already, I doubt there’s any legitimate work being done regardless of what they’re saying.

I started to play this game 2 years ago. Waiting 1,5 years for fixing those issue on multiplayer. When I decided to play solo its not possible to craft shelves and hook. Please give us eta asap. Cause its a long time and I really wanna finish this game.

I’m ready to leave the island and finish the game. I haven’t turned this game on in over a month just for the hooks and the shelves. Waiting for updates is really frustrating, and I visit this forum every day and really look forward to when a new update is announced here. I really hope it will be soon :crossed_fingers:


Any update? I still cant finsh the game playing on PS5.

Hi all, and welcome to those of you new to the forums. I understand everyone is awaiting the next update and it can be frustrating and dishearting to do so while these issues affect your saves.

I unfortunately do not have a estimated release date yet, however I do know the QA team are continuing testing with a number of the fixes listed above ahead of the update being submitted to Sony and Microsoft - As soon as I hear we’ve moved onto submitting the update and get final confirmation contents of the update, I’ll create a new post in News and Announcements to let the community know.


sad cricket noises

Will we be able to expect this update to release by the end of April if not sooner?

When this game is on the advertised Xbox game pass list and you can’t even play it is pretty sad… Please please asap fix the unlock issues for the end game cause this is very unprofessional and major game flaw to not be able to finish… I can see bugs here and there but come on… sincerely a very frustrated fan!!!

It has been a while since I’ve been here or played the game on consoles. I bought a new PC and bought the game there. I see the next-gen update hasn’t been done yet. That is a shame. I see the game updating on my Series X and be waiting to see that S/X logo.