[Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases

Issue Summary:
It is currently not possible to deconstruct raft bases. When attempting to deconstruct bases players will receive an error message saying the object still supports other items and cannot be destroyed.

Update: This issue may not affect every player, some players may find they can deconstruct bases without issue. If you have found this to be an issue however, please let us know.

There is currently no workaround for this issue. However, it may be possible to break down raft bases if only one side is attached to something else.

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I read your thread. Thanks for update. Im following your instructions to let you know if im having the same issue…”yes, i am”. I just discovered it, right now, while trying to deconstruct the raft that has motor operation issues.

Thank you for letting me know and sharing the image Spaz124 - it helps me to keep track of those affected and if issues persist for players across updates.

I have the same issue with raft bases. I find that if I only have a single raft base, I can break it down with the knife/axe. However, as soon as two or more are attached, it is not possible to breakdown a raft base.

Thank you for sharing how this issue has manifested for you Vindicator78

I haven’t been able to deconstruct this Buoy base but I have been able to deconstruct bases made of sticks recently.

Hi HeraldOfTruth,

Thank you for highlighting buoy ball bases are the ones causing issue for you. Can you confirm for me if you stick bases were attached to the Buoy ball base at all or were they an independant build?

Hi Clare,

The stick base that I deconstructed was not connected to anything. I never had anything connected to this Buoy raft. I made a mistake in building when I first started playing because I didn’t know the proper way to build things which resulted in this Buoy base being unused and never attached to anything.

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Thank you HeraldOfTruth, I shall let the team know that this has occured for you in your save and that you were able to deconstruct other base types.

I still can not destroy raft bases either myself i am still getting the same message as everyone else has.
Even if i switch accounts to a different console i have tried 3 different accounts on 3 different PS4’s that we have at home and all give the same message.
Pretty disheartened really :disappointed_relieved:

I’m sorry to hear that this issue is affecting all of the saves you have checked Chris5355. Were the bases a mix of materials or were any created out of one material? (eg: sticks)