Console Version FAQ

Hi everyone,

We want to address some FAQ from the community about the console version of the game.

Will you be adding more items to the Console version?

Yes. While we do not have a set list of items and features or a timeline for when items will be ported across from PC, our aim is to bring as much as we can over to Console.

Is the Console version different to the PC version?

As the PC version is still in Early Access with regular changes, we wanted to release a slightly older, more stable version of the game to console first. This version is considered its own complete game and is not considered Early Access.

What about multiplayer?

Unfortunately we can’t go into details about this, but any announcements for the game will be made in the News and Announcements section first, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

Update: Please see the post Update from the team, 2021-08-26 [Cross-post] in News and Announcements for more information.

Update 2: Multiplayer is releasing on Steam, Epic Games Store, Playstation and Xbox on 2021/09/28 - Multiplayer Launch Update! [Crosspost]

When will you be fixing [Issue]?

Our team is working hard to investigate and find solutions to issues reported to us by players. Some causes for issues take longer to track down than others, and we need to ensure solutions work well with other aspects of the game before release. Each issue timeframe is unique so unfortunately we cannot estimate fix timeframes.

I have an issue, where do I report it?

Please check the [Known Issues] section of the forums first for details about common issues experienced by the community and any potential workarounds that may be available. If your issue doesn’t match our known issues, please create a bug report in the main [Console Bug Reports] section for our team to address.
When submitting a bug report please use the topic template provided and please be as specific as possible about your setup, the issue being reported and what steps might be used to replicate it.

I have a suggestion/feedback for the game, how can I share it with the team?

Our priority at the moment is the main game and fixing issues, but we welcome all suggestions and feedback from the community and we’ve created a section for collecting them all so nothing is lost in other areas of the forums. Please post any suggestions, requests or feedback about features in the game you have in the [Suggestions] section of [Console Bug Reports].

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