Update from the team, 2021-08-26 [Cross-post]

R u going to make a better graphics and shadow quality for consoles because they really want it, and a 60 fps patch (at least in Next gen consoles only)?
And r u going to change the water texter to be like the pc version because it looks ALOT better?

This is great to finally hear from you guys. Looking forward to the update. Hopefully, you guys have been working on that next-gen fix. Given that you will be able to just stream a lot of next-gen games from base Xbox One, should put you guys in a better situation to focus on that next-gen level of visuals, and performance.

Waiting… waiting … waiting!

Sorry to ask this question again. Is the splitscreen co-op planned on console? I was disappointed that it wasn’t there, while this option is available on PC.

How long is this pipe does it stretch across the Atlantic by any chance, I think we console owners stand as much chance as being struck by lightning THREE TIMES on the same day as to getting ANY improvement in this sorry game. I bet the PC boys are rolling around the floor in excitement about now, and may I remind the Beam Team US console players paid good money for this game and received ZERO updates. You should be ashamed or yourselves in receiving money by deception.

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Hi tecytim,

While we welcome both positive a negative feedback about Stranded Deep on the forums and while I understand there may be some frustration, please adhere to the Forum Rules when posting. Spreading of misinformation, doom and gloom posts and accusations about staff and their intentions are against the forum rules.

Details of the updates the console version has recieved so far is in the main Console News and Announcements section. Statements on the difference between PC and Console and the porting of features are in the Console FAQ

Playstation Plus members recieved the game free, so… to be fair, only Half of US console players paid for the game.

We talking soon in regular gaming terms, or soon as in Stranded Deep gaming terms? It could mean the difference of months.

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Hey, I’m happy for you but Xbox owners had to pay for there’s, the Xbox version is so full of bugs that have still not been fixed that it could be termed as a virus that eventually screws up the game and causes severe shutdown.And Fairness has nothing to do with it.

Then you should have all 6 updates, Unless you’re offline in that case you need to get online and download the updates, other than that you should not be going around telling lies, they are working very hard and tirelessly to make sure we got the best game. Be the way the game is playable as it is, it’s still in development or did you not read that part when you paid for. So you should learn how to read and not speak for XBOX players, and stop ■■■■■■■ off THE BEAM TEAM and us true Stranded Deep fans.

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Oh dear try not to spit your dummy out too far next time you through a wobbly:)

Keep your discussions civil when posting and stay on topic.This is not the place for insults and arguements.

I’d rather not have to lock this thread.

Sorry Clare I mean no disrespect to you or this forum.

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It’s a probability May it be so. And the truth is that I prefer it so to play it online since I suppose it would be a lot of process with the servers and that to put it in update

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The argument that PS players got the game for free is a mute one - I am a PS player and I bought it long before. Besides - we pay a weekly/monthly/yearly subscription for these “free games”.

As for the argument about no updates. That’s crazy talk. Whilst it has been a long time since the last update - I can remember playing the game when it was first released. The game has changed significantly.

I’m a big fan of the game. Slightly gutted by the vague “pipeline” estimate - however I’m just as excited knowing it’s coming.


my question with the coop coming is this… will my friend be able to join my current world where i have built all my things? or will we have to start all over from scratch? i have alot of time invested in my current game being im on my third playthrough after platinum on the second i started my third to build my 5 star hotel out of bricks. would hate for it to all be for nothing.

Umm i think coop mode will come like pc, split screen

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Wow. This forum heated up quickly :joy: glad to hear the team is working hard. Looking forward to the new update.


If the game is so sorry then why even care for an update? Nobody paid “good money” for the game. It was like $20 when most games are above that. This game keeps going on sale in the Xbox store also. This game had updates in the past, and the game plays much better because of them. I’m not sure where you are getting zero updates from. Yes, we all want current updates, but the team shouldn’t be ashamed of anything. I come on the site every month or so to see any updates, if none then I leave it be, and play many of the new games that have come out until this one gets its update. This can’t be the only game you play. The PC is its own entity. They have people who can mod the game. Consoles don’t work that way.

Its been in the PS store for free a few times, but Xbox players didn’t have to spend the full amount because the game is usually of the many picked to go up for sale. It was like $8.99 before. I’ve played it on One X before my Series X and it ran well. Playing anything on base Xbox is out of the question these days, so of course they will be issues that guy is having.