[Multiplayer in the game] Мультиплеер в игре

Я не понимаю здесь есть мультиплеер или нет? возможно поиграть с разных пк или консолей? пытались с другом ничего не получилось, требует контроллер


I don’t understand whether there is multiplayer here or not? is it possible to play from different pc or consoles? tried with a friend failed, requires a controller

Hi Rimmo,

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With regards to your question, currently you can play co-op locally on PC (the same PC)
You will need an additional input method present for the second player, this can be mapped in the options, via Input and Controllers:

As for non local multiplayer, I refer you to the Console FAQ:

What about multiplayer?

Unfortunately we can’t go into details about this, but any announcements for the game will be made in the News and Announcements section first, as well as on our Facebook and Twitter profiles.

This is the same for PC and Consoles currently.

Watch the News and Announcements section for potential updates.