Console Update Status

Looking forward to being able to keep playing without constant crashes. Really enjoy playing the game but the crashes are unfortunately game breaking so got my fingers crossed the Beam Team has fixed the issues in the next patch :slight_smile:

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Will new features (if any are added) be available on a current save? Or will we have to start a new playthrough?

The aim with any update would usually be to avoid restarting saves where at all possible, whether it’s because features are added or fixes for issues are implemented, but it really depends on what the nature of the changes are. Should anything in the update require a restart it’ll be highlighted in the notes once they’re released.


First off; I love the game - haven’t played it in a while after binging it pretty hard when it came out on console - I bought it also on PC for the custom islands and all. Wanting to revisit it if online multiplayer became a thing which I’m surprised it isn’t. Is this in the works? Fair few friends of mine would probably go about purchasing it if this was implemented.


There’s no multiplayer on console as of right now. I do hope we get it though, I’ve also got a couple people I can talk into getting if that was the case lol.

The current official comment on multiplayer it is in Console Version FAQ but any new info would both change the FAQ and likely get it’s own post too

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I love this game. I really hope you can add yucca farming… and shelf’s for rafts and please fix the turning ! Bring it up to speed with PC! I will play this forever


I loved the game for the first 2 or 3 weeks, it’s getting a little stale now. I hope the update adds new content to make it fun to play again. Also the game crashes are a real issue and extremely frustrating.


Someone posted somewhere that, before you save, look into the sky for 5 seconds so the game can settle down. Also when changing islands look up until the mast shudders then you’re good to go. I had 4 crashes in one afternoon when I found this, and only once in a month since then when I was sailing to an island and didn’t look up. I wish the original poster of this tip endless wealth and success!

Welcome to the forums all!

Igwanna - thank you for posting that tip you had found, this is similar to the workaround we have listed of looking away from the island on approach but the telltale shudder of the mast would be a good indicator for players. I shall add it to our [Known Issues] posts on crashing and lag.

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When is this update coming?? Any timeframe knowledge ?

Can you give an idea of when containers can be built on rafts? It would be nice to have updated items like pc.

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No specific date for this update or specific items have been announced yet, but once the details are available the team or myself will post them in this section of the forums

I am disabled and use my xbox1 to help myself get my mind off of the anxiety and depression. I really dig this game.Looking forward to the new updates.

Please can we get the starting crate after completing the game like pc has itll be nice to have a reward for another play through really wanna hunt with the carbon spear gun come on beam team!

Hello, also really keen to hear about PS4 / Xbox updates. Really enjoy the PC version and introducing the same updates to console would be a great addition to the game.

I really miss the cargo shelves and the larger world would be terrific too. Really enjoy the game and have lost many hours (and days) to it so far :slight_smile:

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Hi, Just wanted to get an update for everyone as this last post was over a month ago. Are we getting a console update this week?

Oh hell yeah, I’m looking forward to this. I hope it add some life to the game.

Any idea of a time line for the update yet?

From past update logs, I’m thinking soon. We are in the 3rd month since the last one, and logs show bout every 3 months we get an update

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