Cartographer Size

salut !

je me demandais si il étais prévu d’agrandir la carte et la taille des îles, car sur pc ça à l’air beaucoup plus grand que sur console ( si je ne dis pas de bêtise la Map sur pc est infinie ).

merci pour vos réponse :wink:


Hi !

i was wondering if it was planned to enlarge the map and the size of the islands, because on pc it looks much bigger than on console (if i am not stupid the map on pc is infinite).

thank you for your answers

Hi Aupe,

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To your question, I mentioned this recently in another post recently but I refer to the Console FAQ post on the forums with regards to any features that are on PC but not on Console.

While we don’t know a timeline or confirmation of those features being ported, we know the team want to try port what they can. Porting any item or feature to console takes time, some items take longer than others. But as always any new information will be posted in News and Announcements once it is available.