Missing Items in Console

Please can you confirm IF and WHEN you will add raft racks to the console version?

We need to know. If you cant then i want a refund.

Hi Tasco - welcome to the forum!

The current statement about new items being added to the console version of the game is in the Console Version FAQ

While the team are continuing to work on issues reported to us by players and other items, those are all the details we have at the moment. We know these are a popular request from the community and any announcements about changes and/or additions to the game from the team will be posted in News and Announcements as soon as we have them.

To be honest, you have just answered my post like a politician!


I understand you would prefer a yes or no answer, Tasco. The aim is to port as much as possible from the PC version, but I do not have details to confirm or deny specific items or features being ported.

More details will become available as the porting process continues and updates or patch notes are released by the team.

Ok, first of all, i am sorry if i have come across as rude to you. That is not my intention.

The thing is, we have paid real money for HALF a game on console! Every time a dev posts on twitch regarding an update, there are hundreds of tweet replies asking the same question i am asking now. We need answers.

To build and create in this fantastic game, we need to island hop for wood etc. We cant do this without raft racks.

I love the game, but i feel they should have waited to release it on console as the game has so many missing features for the money we paid.

Please pass on our concerns to the devs.

Thank you.

I understand where you are coming from Tasco and while no apology is needed, it is appreciated all the same.

My job is to work as a link between the community and the Dev team so I will of course pass on your concerns. Thank you for sharing them with me.

I just load up my inventory slots with Wood Crates and take the essentials with me in my tool belt.
Saying consoles are only “half” the PC version is a bit dramatic. I haven’t had any issues with hauling loot so far, but have had to make multiple trips, which ■■■■■.
A container shelf would make life easier but I’m still having fun.

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Have a look at what is featured in the PC version compared to the console version…

I should win an Oscar!


It is lacking a lot of the features that the PC version has. When the game became available, I (like many others) looked it up on YouTube. What we saw and what we paid money for are significantly different.

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I know :disappointed_relieved:

My reason for posting was simply the fact the two most tweeted comments/replies on every Dev post had been:

Raft racks

These questions never got answered or responded to.

To be honest, they still have not actually been “answered”

The wait continues.

As for the kind lady that has responded to my posts, well she is doing her job here and i appreciate that. However she has not been armed or primed with the information we need.


I’m just as frustrated as anyone else bout not having things pc has, but that’s just the way the gaming world goes. On the other hand, there’s issues that are needing fixes before rushing content. So the question people need to ask themselves before going crazy just because you paid for is, do you want it done right, or do you want it done right now?

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I agree, however, they don’t respond or seem to be doing anything unless it is on the PC!