[PS4/XB1] Dev Update on Interaction Bug

Hi everyone,

I just wanted to provide an update:

The interaction bug is our number 1 priority, followed closely by region connectivity.

We have been able to reproduce the issue and have a fix. We’re currently confirming that it is fixed for all scenarios and will be submitting a patch asap!

I thought it might also help to provide some info on the patching and submission process, as the time it takes to get a fix into your hands can take longer than you might expect. There are a few steps:

  • Firstly, we have to reproduce the issue and find the cause
  • Then we work on fixing the issue
  • Once we have a fix ready, QA tests and confirms the issue is fixed
  • Then we book a submission slot with 1st parties. Availability of these slots can vary depending on how busy things are. We book the soonest slot available, taking into consideration the lead time to upload builds and fill in metadata ready for submission.
  • The submission is reviewed and approved.

There’s a lot of variables that eat up time, even once we have a fix ready. A big thanks to the community for your patience and assistance with repro info and save files. This helped us reproduce the issue quickly. We are doing everything we can to expediate these fixes.

Sam @ Beam Team


your welcome and ty, I will submit my resume shortly lol

What would be the time range you think it might be fixed because me an my friend really like playing the game

This is awesome!! I love it when the devs actually party attention to the community and GIVE UPDATES. Keep up the good work. P.S. loving the game tho, even if I’ve been experiencing a few multiplayer connection issues.


I’m a Korean PlayStation 4 game user. Even though I played the game after today’s update, there was an error. If I move to another island, I can only move and nothing else works.
Please fix it quickly.

Hi, so glad to see your still working on it. I experience the same issue on 1.09 as 1.08. when I move islands interactions disappear entirely. I’m PS4 and live in NC. Thanks for such a great game, but please fix soon!

That’s amazing you guys have done great!

I’ll tell my friends to buy it since I feel bad I got it free now

I found out that if u pick up any machine parts and battery parts it causes the interaction bug to happen but with a delay, happens after 5min of touching a machine or battery parts.

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I have played since the 1.09 update I am having the same problem I was in game real time for about 25 minutes give or take a few had no issues until the sun started coming up I never moved islands I was on my home island and had the same issue with trying to pick anything up there was no bats seagulls the normal them was playing at the time if I went by the water I could pick things up if I was crouched down and looking down please reply on new update time frame

You guys are amazing keep up the good work

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Could we get a estimated time? Like is hours? Or days? Or months? Years?


You guys are awesome, this game is awesome. Thank you for the continued updates to keep it fun and interesting.


Eu estava com o jogo bastante avançado, com várias edificações, porém deu um bug e eu perdi todo o meu avanço. Não consigo interagir com nada, nem com as casas, containers, plantas, animais.
Iniciei um novo jogo, aparentemente estava tudo ok, ,mas quando fui explorar uma outra ilha, também começou a bugar

Translation added by Clare from Google Translate
I was with the game quite advanced, with several buildings, but it gave a bug and I lost all my advance. I can’t interact with anything, not even with houses, containers, plants, animals.
I started a new game, apparently everything was ok, but when I went to explore another island, it also started bugging

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Hi, I’m on PS4. And my friend has received the latest update which is version 1.9, whereas I’m still on version 1.07. I have checked for the latest update and have received nothing. Please help!

Are you outside of the U.S? Because that’s basically the same as 1.07.

Je ne comprend pas y’a t’il vraiment une mise à jour du jeu ou pas ?

Je suis sur ps4 pays France et je n’es toujours pas de mise à jour où de possibilité à avancer dans le jeu merci de votre réponse.

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate
I don’t understand is there really a game update or not?

I am on ps4 country France and I still have no update or possibility to advance in the game thank you for your response.

Thanks for the update Sam I eagerly await the new patch I do really like this game and am excited for the fix thank you for all your hard work and also Clare for leading the forum and getting us to be able to tell the devs the issue I can’t wait to sail with my giant boat lol

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The was an update released, but as per Sam’s comment in another thread

This version was released today in american regions today, other regions such as europe had different slots and will release over the coming days. Again, this is not a fix for the interaction bug - when that patch is released there will be an announcment for it.

I also added some translations to posts above, We ask that players post in English as per the Rules and Guidelines of the forums:

As our Staff and Moderators are all English Speakers, please avoid using other languages. We need to be able to read everything posted in order to effectively run the forums. If you are unable to or do not feel confident writing in English, please use an online translator. If you are concerned about your post being mistranslated you may post in your preferred language on the condition that a 1:1 translation accompanies it.

Thank you for your understanding.


There will be an update they are currently working on it now we don’t have a time yet but they are working hard to get us back to our islands

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