**A Note on the 1.09 Update for Playstation** 10/7

The update currently rolling out on PlayStation is one that was scheduled before the co-op update was released and does not address the interaction bug. It was a technical update and does not include any changes or fixes. This update was not required for XB1.

The update also has different release slots depending on regions. Some of you may already have it, others may see it in a few days. This is because it is a technical update.

Please also see Sam’s comment on this, and his update post on this interaction bug.

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I think I saw some posts that this update (which I don’t have on Ps4 yet) wipes save files.

Is this confirmed by anyone? Really don’t want to lose a 110 day game if that’s the case.

If anyone experiences this please submit a bug report with as much information as you can. As this is a small update saves should not be affected but I would need to determine if this is something that occurs after the update or another issue happening at the same time.

There is an issue with multiplayer not saving correctly but if you have previously saved games that you can no longer access, please let me know and let me know if the file exists on your system still, even if the game cannot access it.

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im on ps4. my previous save of 60 something days was not affected. however im unable to save a coop game. i tried 3 different times only to start over cause it did not save. i finally gave up and went back to solo game and it saved just fine. the coop is a good idea but not if you have to start completely over every time.

Hi Clare,
first of all - thanks for all you communication throughout the past weeks. This helped a lot while waiting for the necessary updates. :slight_smile:
Any idea though, when the update 1.09 for PS4 will be rolled out in Europe (Germany)? We are currently still playing the buggy 1.08 and PS keeps sayin’ there is no update.

Thanks again & cheers

Hi thowaei - welcome to the forums,

I believe the update refered to in my post above rolled out in Europe earlier in the week. The version number might be different to the one in the states (there was another USA only technical update last year that increased that number by one). I believe 1.08 is the latest version for Europe. As it’s only a background technical update you likely wont see any difference in gameplay as it didn’t contain any fixes or changes.

Oh that‘s why. At least I can play until some certain point until the game crashes. In the current single player mode I am at day 38, building some foundation (concrete would be nice btw. :joy:) and the game crashes when my craftmanship gets levelled up. Have started a new game at slot 3 to compensate waiting time for the fix. :wink:

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing crashes thowaei, If your game crashes consistently at the exact moment your craftsmanship levels up, please submit a bug report (I can’t follow bugs in comments on threads like these) and if you could give me as much information as possible about the issue I’ll submit a report to the team so they can investigate - Thanks!