[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

Don’t trust it I did the same just made it to day 47 had a crazy amount of stuff done and it crashed while saving and guess what now all that is gone because these devs do not kno how to test a freaking update and once again it is broken and cannot be played

Dang must have been a different update it didn’t fix it.

@Clare do we have to make a new save once the update is out? Are our worlds permanently gone? Thanks!

According to them yes if it happened while saving the save is dead doesn’t matter if it was day 1 or 400 its such bs we paid for this on xbox and have been shafted the whole way so tired of the “it’s a small team excuse” if that’s the case make it free for everyone not just playstation such crap I’ve had this game 4 weeks has been unplayable for 26 of those 30 days

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:crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: we get the xbox update today PLEASEEEE :tired_face::tired_face:

UPDATE 10/19
Xbox update has been published, you should see it in your regions soon.

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As a reminder, unfortunately the fix cannot save already affected save files but will prevent the issue going forward.

I understand this issue has been incredibly frustrating and disheartening for everyone affected. Thank you to everyone who reported this issue so quickly and shared as much information as you could. Both the team and myself team really appreciate your support and understanding.

Though I understand this issue is frustrating and I have no problem with you sharing that frustration, please stick to the rules and guidelines of the forums when doing so.

I’ll be closing this thread soon. If you experience any other issues, please create a new bug report and I’ll get to it as soon as I can.

Just hanging around waiting for the xbox to update :tired_face::sleeping::sleeping:

Tell me about it… does anyone have news regarding the xbox patch?

Nope :pensive: last i heard we are just waiting for Microsoft to send out the patch/update mate

I really don’t think yall understand how many people have left this game to never return or buy another from them then you add on top how almost every comment yall don’t like gets censored in a forum about the game that they keep breaking and it just pushes even more people away

Comments that break the forum rules require moderator action. I have no problem with players providing postitive or negative feedback about the game. But insults and accusations about the team/staff/devs and their intentions are against the forum rules.

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@Charlie1992 and @Aiden I moved your posts here because they were bringing the other thread off topic.

Thanks for all your hard work clare :crossed_fingers::crossed_fingers: this will be the end of it now lol bring on stranded deep :grin::grin:


This is really an absolute cheek. After I have waited for weeks for the correction of the interaction problem. Now you tell me that I can completely forget about my save. What did I pay money for the game. Just so I can experience your mistakes.

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No update here still 2074 and unable to load past the title screen. When are we suppose to have the newest patch

This right here is the fix! I’m on PlayStation and have PlayStation plus. Just download your save data from the cloud. Restart PlayStation then happy hunting!

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Not going to work I’m xbox

They don’t care they got there money and clare here just hides behind for mum rules cause unacceptable and ridiculous