[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

@Clare Is there any hope to return to the crashed saves in near future or are they dead?

My fiance and I are having this problem on Ps4. We had no game crashes before this. We stopped playing to take a break and when we tried to get on later, it’s stuck on the cleaning up issue.

@Clare I seen some post talk about the sharks the 2 saves that have this bug I did kill a shark on and the bug did happen I killed a tiger shark and in the other I killed a hammer head, I don’t know if it’s killing the sharks and dragging them home or if its the spears that have missed and fallen to the bottom.


How did that patch get released so quickly? The problem was discovered, what, 3 days ago?

What about all the ways in which they are held up by the likes of Sony and Microsoft procedures?

Has there been a sincere apology from the team?

@Clare i know your very busy with everything going on just wondered if you had any idea at all when the patch will be released for xbox ? Thanks

I just want to share that after 2073 was released on XBOX, I went back into my 428 day save and played for a couple hours off and on with no problems. All problems then started when I dropped a label maker and it fell through the mesh. Right after the label maker fell through, I saved and the save froze and then when trying to reload it stuck on ‘cleaning up’. My only point is the mesh issue, save issue, and cleaning up issue all seem related. I can’t believe I lost my main save slot with 428 days invested! I should have been more cautious and played a secondary save for a while to see if all the kinks were really worked out.

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Lots of sad Stranded Deep players right now (sad and mad ones)

Has the save glitch now been updated on the xbox ?


I played for a couple hours last night on 2074 with a save that didn’t get destroyed by 2073, and I can tell you that I still saw items fall through the “floor” of the game (my hoe and a couple crabs at different places) completely disappearing. So the save freeze problem cannot be related if they fixed that problem.

Hi all, Sorry I haven’t been as responsive today. I’ll catch up on all the various messages and reports tomorrow.

For now, a small update…

UPDATE 10/17 Part 2
The XBox patch was submitted to Microsoft and is awaiting approval. As soon as the team gets this they’ll be publishing the patch.

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Game has updated twice the last couple of days , interactive menu fixed however now we can’t load in. Another update today not sure what to fix cause it didn’t the loading issue . Ps4

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@Clare so are we still waiting for a patch/update from Microsoft for xbox users?

Yes I believe so, I haven’t recieved word yet that it’s been approved. I’m on a different timezone to some team members so I’ll try to get an update on this as soon as I can.

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I know it’s not much of an update, but the team have said the patch is still in the hands of Microsoft. The plan however remains the same, as soon as the update for XBox is approved they’ll publish it and from there it shouldn’t take too long to reach the various regions.


Thanks for the update.

I wonder why it’s taking longer for the patch to happen on xbox than it did for PS :thinking::thinking:

Yep was just fine now can’t play once again all my saves are stuck ice owened it 4 weeks played it 4 days awsome😒

This game is a fcking joke I will not lose 4 saves once again and for however long it takes for them to fix it this time yall need to twll Microsoft whoever wants a refund should be issued one no question asked this is ridiculous I’m starting of starting your broken game over and over for the few days I’ve even been avle to play it this time made it 47 days had everything almost done was about to go for bosses then it crashed and now I will lose all my progress across all my damn saves because yall can’t make a game that works this was a cash grab on console and I will never touch another beam team game ever again [Removed -Clare]