PS5 1.08 Can’t load save from main menu

Saving works now after the 1.09 update. I don’t know if this is intentional or not but if you have a single player save on slot 1 and then load up multiplayer on save 1 it makes a new save. Multiplayer save slots and single player save slots are different even if it says the same number. I just want to know if that is intentional or not.

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Hi MasterKyle08,

Thank you for that update, I’m glad to hear that you are able to save your multiplayer game. I am not sure what was included in this mini update but will let the team know that your save is working after this.

With regards to the numbers, the team did inform me that the numbers of days survived displayed relates to single player saves, whereas to see the number of days survived in multiplayer, you would need to look at the number in the pause menu when in the multiplayer game. Does that help to answer your question? If I’ve misunderstood, please let me know.

if I change my save slot to 1 for example, if I hit play which is single player it goes into the game. If I go the multiplayer while it’s on save slot 1 it makes a new save which is only multiplayer.

Basically multiplayer and single player have 2 different saves even tho it’s on save slot 1

My question: is this intentional or not.

Sorry for my misunderstanding, yes this is intentional. You can have 1 single player save and 1 multiplayer save per slot. The saves do not overlap in terms of progress and are considered seperate saves, but would use the same cartographer seed for that slot when playing.

You are correct that if you choose “Play” on that slot it will load the single player, and “Play Online” will choose the Multiplayer save.

another problem: in multiplayer and I had full food and water and I wasn’t gaining health

Hi MasterKyle08 - thank you for reporting this. Can you confirm for me if you were affected by anything at the time such as sunstroke or poisoning?

Edit: Extra question, if you were not, was there a player 2 in your game that was?

I was not affected by sunstroke or poisoning, there was a player 2 in my game at the time. I later went on by myself and I still didn’t gain health

and now I got interaction bug

Thank you for confirming MasterKyle08, and I’m sorry to hear the interaction bug is now also affecting your save.

Is the new update on ps yet cause I still didn’t get it

Not yet, I am waiting on an update from the team about it. When I have more info I’ll update my Known Issues post here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions

I got the 1.10 update after I deleted and reinstalled the game

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Saving is broken again even after 1.11 update. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn’t

If I save twice it’s been working but if I only save once it doesn’t work

Hi MasterKyle08,

Can you confirm for me if your save has been stuck in the “cleaning up” phase since the 1.11/2074 update or if the issue is around crashing when saving?

There are multiple very similar issues occuring and I’m trying to separate they out for the team. The 1.11/2074 update is designed to prevent saves becoming stuck in the “cleaning up”, but crashes and freezes may still occur.

My game froze once before the 1.11 update but was fixed with it. Saving works when I save 2 times or more and exit to main menu. If I save 1 time and exit it doesn’t save.

Thank you for letting me know MasterKyle08. Does the save appear to have saved correctly when it doesn’t work or does it still freeze?

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It says saved the game without freezing but if I don’t save a second time it doesn’t save

Thank you for that confirmation MasterKyle08. I appreciate you taking the time to respond to each of my questions.