[PC] Cannot load save

I’m on PC and none of my saved games will load. I think I’m over day 200 on my main save, months spent building an intricate home island and collecting resources. (I’d previously spent the same amount of time building the same home island, only for the game to freeze, throw me through a wall and kill my character, so I started all over again). So months of work X2, wasted. :disappointed:

To give a sense of the scale of the brick house I built, it was 25W, 25D, 4 storeys with a Pyramid roof. That’s 625 Brick Foundation Blocks alone! (The amount of Refined Hammers needed was insane! Both times!). The roof needed scaffolding to build.

The development team should try investing many months into a saved game then have someone delete it, to understand the level of frustration.

I guess it’s back to Green Hell.

Hi Anthony_W,

I moved your post to the PC section for the PC team to look into as the Console and PC versions differ and your issue may not be related to the thread you posted in.

Hi Clare,

My issues relate to being unable to load my saved games, during which the loading process is stuck in the “Cleaning up” phase. Both issues relate to the thread’s title, although I appreciate on a different platform.

Can I ask when the issues caused by the latest patch are going to be fixed? I spent a lot of time on my saved games and judging from your responses to other posts, it appears I’m not going to be able to play them again.

Thank you,