[Console] Update 2111 Release Notes and Info

Hi everyone,

A new update has been released for PlayStation and Xbox. This is rolling out across the various regions today and will show as version 2111 in the bottom left of the main menu once your game is updated. Information about the update and the list of fixes and changes are included below.

Major changes have been made to the saving system to make it more robust and add better error handling and feedback for the player on errors. We’ve significantly improved how we respond to all error messages and handle or display them to the player.

Achievements have also been significantly refactored. We were unable to reproduce reported issues, but we were able to identify potential causes for achievements failing to unlock. Previously, the console version had no fallback when an achievement failed to unlock when requested, which can happen. We now track achievement state locally and retry unlocking if the achievement is locked on game load. For scenarios where we don’t have local or online data to check achievement state, the achievement should now unlock the next time the player triggers the conditions.

Thank you to the community for continuing to report issues. The team is continuing their work on remaining issues reported by players. Please continue to report any issues you experience in the Console Bug Reports section. The information you’ve shared is always greatly appreciated by the team as they work to resolve these issues as quickly as possible!

– Stay Alive!
Beam Team


  • Added better error handling and player feedback if the game fails to save for any reason.
  • Fixed achievements not unlocking due to various causes.
  • Changed “Hunter of the High Seas” achievement to unlock when Boss is defeated instead of when trophy is crafted. This now matches the same behaviour on PC.
  • Improved placement of loot in shipwrecks. (This change is not retro-active).
  • Removed novelty player hat for ‘Normal’ game difficulty.
  • Fixed players not being able to craft items using materials from multiple item piles.
  • Fixed interaction getting stuck when a player tries to place a wall on a Shipping Container.
  • Fixed Coconut not showing outline highlight when selected.
  • Fixed Aloe Vera not showing outline highlight when selected.
  • Fixed players being able to build constructions outside the zone boundaries which would result in billboards being activated close-range.
  • Fixed player being able to fire Flare Gun underwater.
  • Fixed player not able to retrieve fish while holding Fishing Spear.
  • Fixed PlayStation controller touchpad triggering UI sounds.
  • Fixed scenario where crafting interaction became stuck when removing and adding pieces to rafts.
  • Fixed player being able to craft raft pieces that collide with other rafts.
  • Fixed Farming Plot texture when placing.
  • Fixed a scenario where the player would revert to dragging behaviour instead of aiming after skinning an animal while holding a projectile.
  • Fixed crafting using items in the backpack before items on the ground.
  • Fixed scenario where player would switch to first person mode when dragging an item while holding Binoculars.
  • Fixed players teleporting to roof of constructions when saving inside.
  • Fixed players being unable to place various crafted items when inventory is full.
  • Fixed boss trophies appearing to float above Life Raft.
  • Fixed all doors not saving and reloading open state.
  • Fixed unable to interact with Wood Crates after alternating between backpack and crate storage.
  • Improved furniture placement. Consolidated with PC version.
  • Fixed error when loading back dead crabs.
  • Fixed scenario where animals saved in players inventory would become invisible if Wildlife mode was changed to ‘Removed’.
  • Changed main menu to show settings screen when continuing a single player game.
  • Moved ‘Wildlife’ settings from options menu to settings screen mentioned above.
  • Improved visual feedback when saving by adding UI spinner during saving.

Hi good to hear there’s a new update coming to ps4. Me and my friend have been trying to play a multiplayer game for weeks. We play as normal no issues but when we come to save the game it says ‘save successful’ which we thought it completely fine no issues there. But when I went to the main menu the save has completely vanished. Tried a few times even with my friend hosting the game and the save still deletes after saving. It’s literally impossible to play multiplayer. The save just gets deleted after saving.

Thanks for reading

Hi Dan-SR,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue when saving. If this issue continues after this update. Please submit a bug report with as much infomation as possible about your setup, internet connection, and gameplay and I will get back to you asap. I unfortunately cannot followup on issues in main announcement threads.

Thank you

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xbox1 update 2111 when gathering crates from wrecks after the update, as soon as you look inside them the crate can no longer be picked up.

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Thank you for reporting this I see you also created an independant post so I will move it to the Console Bug Reports and reply fully there.

Hello Claire. Could the developers release a small, super small express patch to add the ability to place farm plots on base structures? This is what I and many others are looking forward to.

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Hi @Shturman889 - I will pass this feedback and request onto the team for you.


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  • Fixed scenario where crafting interaction became stuck when removing and adding pieces to rafts.

Was this patch meant to be a full fix of the bug where destroying raft bases give bogus “you can’t because it’s supporting something” error message?

If so, sorry to inform you, it appears to be only a partial fix. I managed to destroy a small (1x2) double base barrel raft and 2/3 of a large (3x5) non-stick raft. Nither of which let me destroy anything before patch 7111… So hurray for some progress!.. :slight_smile:

But now I’m back to being stuck again. 1/3 of that raft’s bases won’t let me destroy them and several other raft’s won’t let me destroy them. Same old “you can’t because it’s supporting something” error message.

Not sure if this is helpful, but as i mentioned about the large non-stick raft that let me destroy 2/3 of it, it was mixed of barrels/tyres/bouy’s… None of it’s bases were of sticks. And the remaining 1/3 is still a mix of barrels/tyres/bouy’s… no sticks.

The only other two rafts i’ve attempted to destroy again since 7111 are made fully of sticks. both kinda medium in size i guess… one’s a 2x2 and the other is a 2x3.

Another oddity i noticed while destroying bases was it made me destroy in a very unlogical order, not the reverse of how i would have built it. It had me cut through the midsection part way and then out the front. Then back in the midsection again. Effectively turning the larger raft into 2 small ones (2x1 & 1x1) and a medium (1x5)…

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A post was split to a new topic: [2111] Call Me Ahab still stuck after update

Hi all, thank you for reporting issues you are experiencing. As a reminder, I cannot follow up with issue reports in larger threads and will be moving comments to their own threads so I can address them directly as soon as I can.

If you wish to report an issue expereinced in game after the update to 2111, please do so in the Console Bug Reports section with as much information as possible and I will get back to you asap.

Regarding the issue with players not being able to pick up crates, the team have been alerted to this and are investigating, but reports in the Bug Reports section are appreciated as it helps us to track the spread and under what conditions players are seeing this happen.

Thank you.

@Picaro - Thank you for that info.

The fix quoted does not refer to the raft deconstruction issue. The team are still working on the fix for this which unfortunately was not ready to be added to this update at the time of submission.

However I will pass the progress you experienced onto the team.

Hi all,

First time poster. I love this game but I am getting so fed up with these updates. Every time there is something that ruins the game. So the last one I couldn’t pick a fish off the fish spear? So what? Now I can’t craft my raft due to glitches saying something is in the way. Can you just leave the game the way it is for some of us veterans? I don’t mean to moan but when you’re forced to update the game it’s frustrating.

Thank You!

Double Thank You!

Triple Thank You!

Now I just need Passive Sharks =3

that is what shark repellent is for…

Fear of Attack… Being on edge as is down there…It wearing off, and getting hit likely give me a heart attack. XD

Have abit of trouble with Deep Water on edge… when them shark come swimming in. HA ah ha ah ha… takes abit of reminding myself to not worry.

Hello, anybody have the Boss trophy bug too ? I still have no change after the update