[2111] Multiplayer glitches

Thanks to the team for the mini update!

Multiplayer still has issues. Some of the same issues and some new issues.

We play in the same house. We were using the west usa work around for disconnects and it worked until now.

Today we start a new file on a new save to try the new update. Every couple minutes my partner is getting “stay alive time out” and disconnects. This wasnt a thing before.

Theres still a multiplayer glitch with piles also. If i build a pile sometimes it stays highlighted and my partner has desync, removing the pile dosent change the highlight of the pile or the pile system being broken for my teammate.


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Please let me know:

  • What console are you playing on?

  • Are you on a combination of wired and wireless connections? If so, please try both using wireless connections. Players with connection issues with multiple consoles connecting in the same household have found this helpful.

  • What is your ISP and Router type?

  • If you choose the region just before, or just after the West USA region on the list, does that help at all?

  • The notification you mentioned receiving when disconnecting is a new feature to help indicate for players when a disconnect occurs. Just to double check, are you referring to not seeing this message before, or not experiencing disconnects before in general?

  • Thank you for reporting the issue with the pile you are having in multiplayer. I will forward this onto the team for them to look into. Would it be possible to get a screenshot of both points of view when the highlight remains?

Thank you again for reporting these issues and any additional details you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you.


Both on xbox one, both hardwired direct.

600mbps spectrum cable internet

We did not have the message or the disconnect issue before on usa west. Auto which is usa east we always had the disconnect issue and using west was reccomended here and it was working for us prior to 2111

Hi Alleykat,

Thank you for that infomation, I will pass this onto the team.

If I recall correctly, there was an issue with the regions where USA, east, which would be considered at the end of the list was struggling due to some settings. These have since been adjusted, but I wonder if similar may have happened again. If you try USA east now, or even europe, are you still recieving the same error messages?

Thanks for the report. The issue with USA East has been fixed and i would recommend using this if that’s where you’re located. It’s also worth mentioning that Spectrum ISP has been known to have issues with the third-party Photon relay servers that the game uses. It would be good to try hosting a game over a mobile connection to rule out ISP issues.

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