[PS4] Crashing and save data issues

I’ve been having a lot of crashes after saving. I’ve deleted the game and all data from it numerous times and when that did not work I factory reset my PS4 thinking it would help. Made it to day 17 and saved after making my first speargun. Crashed within seconds. Restarted another game and only made it to day 3 (shortest yet) before it crashed after saving. I am not able to access either game. Goes from Play to the screen for creating new game. I’m at a loss and I really love this game. The graphics are amazing and its calming for me even when under attack from a shark lol.

Can someone please tell me how I can fix this issue? I’ve sent numerous reports on PS4.

I have the same issue. Best thing to do right now is delete the game and HOPE they fix it one day lol

Hi KeeblerSweets, welcome to the forums and my apologies for the delay in responding to your report.

I’ve moved your comment to its own topic so I can address it directly and also because it sounds like there could be other factors beyond what the [Known Issue] topic covered.

I’m glad to hear you enjoy the game and I understand this issue is a disruptive and frustrating one. Thank you for reporting this issue directly to us - while the PS reports to get to the team, it can take some time and this also allows me to ask further questions on behalf of the team. Any extra information you can provide in relation to your experience of these issues would be greatly appreciated by the team members working to resolve them.

Please let me know:

  • What version of the game you’re playing (this number should be in the bottom left of the main menu)

  • With regards to your gameplay style, would you harvest and gather a large number of materials on a single island or construct large structures before this issue starts occurring? (Some players have mentioned harvesting a significant number of resources from an island before saving and experiencing a crash, if this sounds similar to your own gameplay, please do let me know.)

  • Had you crafted anything in particular, like the speargun, before your Day 3 crash?

  • Had you successfully saved in the Day 17 save file before the crash?

  • Did you experience any Lag or FPS drop in your game before the crashes?

  • Were these single player or multiplayer saves?

  • You mentioned you cannot access the saves at all, is there evidence of these save files existing on your console even though the game cannot access them?

  • While it is highly unlikely that this is the issue, please ensure you are loading the correct save type in the save slot as Single and Multiplayer games use the same slot.

  • Did you change anything about the cartographer for that slot before you tried to load back into the save in question?

  • Please confirm what save item you used (shelter or bedroll) in each case, where they were located on your island and what you experienced during the crash (freezing, “Game Saved” notification appearing before crash, etc)

Anything you can recall from your experience would be valuable information for the team to have. If your saves still exist on your console, the team may also be interested in having a look at the save files to see if they can find the cause of the issue. However please note the team cannot fix and return individual files, instead they would be used to help test and create a fix for the community as a whole. If you do have access to the files and are happy to share them, you can follow the steps here: [Save File Request]

Also, if there is anything else you feel could be relevant that I may not have specifically asked about above, please do not hesitate to include it and I will add it to my report for the team for them to check out.

Thank you.

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Most crashes did occur soon after crafting something but all objects crafted were different. I did make the speargun and walked over to save game when if crashed for the Day 3 crash. I had saved a total of 3 times times during the day 17. The last ended in the crash. I had killed a shark and then had made a tanning rack. I had noticed some weird moments like stone hanging in air after picking away a stone deposit or a tree disappearing into the cliff/rock formations after chopping down a pine tree.
All games have been single player and never changed anything about slots. All saves have been at a shelter and I’ve had the shelters under the trees or near the water in the sand. I do not have the saved files at this time but if it does happen again I’ll know what to do.

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Hi KeeblerSweets,

Thank you for confirming those details for me, I am grateful to you for taking the time to do so and I shall add the details you shared to my report on crashing when saving for the team. Information like this will hopefully help them to replicate similar conditions on their end and help towards resolving the issue.

Though I would always hope no crashes occur for players, if you try a new save, and a crash occurs again, please do let me know.

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