[PS4] Crashes and Gameplay Details

Hi Clare and Beam Team,

I thought better to reply here as the issue I’m having is related to this post.

Firstly, I have read and have been keeping an eye on the updates post from Sam and your replies to that post on the consoles news and announcements page. I have also been checking for version updates on my PS4 at least once a week, so I am aware the dev and QA teams are working on all the known issues.

The crash when saving issue started for me the first time I played the game last year. I created 6 islands surrounding my main Home Island and started to get a lot of lag even when just looking around with my character. Then the save crash started and I stopped playing it. I missed it too much so I deleted that save and started a new game (I love it that much), this time around with the intention of only creating one Home Island and maybe one more to harvest/gather if needed, which I haven’t got around to yet.

It was going well until I was facing one of the bosses and I accidentally hit the floor of my raft, releasing a couple of the scrap parts. Unfortunately one of those fell off into the deep, and me not knowing the possible consequences of that, kept playing on.

The save crash happened again, even before I made any changes on the cartographer page.
A point to note: I built a shelter and water collector in a lot of the islands, to save raft storage space when traveling around, just in case this can be a contributing factor.

I continued with my plan and created my home island to start building my perfect paradise 2nd home, but the crashing became worse to the point I’m on another hiatus from the game, until this is resolved.

Another point to note: even though I gathered a lot of storage boxes, I still have a lot of stuff just on the floor of my house and surrounding areas on the island - this is a game generated island I chose as my base until I felt the time was right to start my Home Island project.

I have quite a few sharks, wild boars, giant crabs and snakes on the floor, saving some food. A lot of tree trunks palm fronds.

You get the idea :slight_smile: there’s a lot of stuff lying around.

On my base Island I also have a shelter out by the water and also a sleeping bag inside the house.

Please let me know if you have any questions about my experience with this unfortunate crash and I’ll be happy to provide any details you need.

(Here comes the Oscar clip)
These days I’m just sad-gaming on my PS4, playing all of those unfulfilling games out there while I wait for my favourite game of all time to be updated/fixed so I can go back to my favourite home away from home Pacific location.

Looking forward to hearing from you and please pass on my Massive Thank You to the whole team for creating this spectacular game!



Hi HMichelacci, welcome to the forums,

I’ve moved your post to its own thread to prevent any confusion should the original reporter in the topic you posted also start responding, so I can address your report directly, and also so I can link with ease when adding a summary of your details to the report I have for the team. The link reference to the original topic you posted should appear at the bottom of your post.

Thank you for taking the time to read through the forums and for your understanding while everyone on the Stranded Deep team is working to resolve issues reported by the community. Sharing your experience in such detail is very much appreciated by both the team and myself.

I have a few additional questions if you don’t mind…

  • You said the crashing when saving issues started for your last year. Do you happen to recall what version you were playing at the time? If not, no worries, if you know roughly which month it was in, I should be able to narrow it down for the team.

  • Can you confirm what parts your raft floor was made out of when you lost a piece fighting the boss?

  • Am I understanding correctly that the crashes only started on this new save after you lost this piece in the boss arena? Do you recall which boss it was that you were fighting?

  • While a lot of loose items on the island is a common factor in lag / FPS drops, which could eventually lead to crashes, I am gathering other details about objects on islands for the team. Do you recall roughly how many storage containers you had and if they were stacked or stored on container shelves on your island? And did you use any red container parts in building up any part of your base?

  • Did you ever experience any issues with the storage crates and container shelves (if you used them)?

  • From your description, it sounds like your crashes are fairly frequent in the game. Would you be willing to share a copy of your save file with the team? I think it may benefit them to see your well established save and how your island and maps are set up. Please note however, that they cannot fix and return individual saves (as these could clash with updates at a later stage causing more problems) but they use them to work on solutions for the community as a whole. If you’re happy to share your save you can follow the instructions here: [Save File Request]

Again, thank you so much for all this information. I’m glad to hear you enjoy the game so much and I understand how disheartening these crashes are. I will be sure to pass your feedback onto the team as I know they’ll really appreciate it :slight_smile:

If you think of anything else, beyond the questions I posed above, that you feel could be relevant, please do not hesitate to add it to this thread and I’ll be happy to update my notes.

All the best.

Hi Clare,

Thank you so much for your reply and actions regarding my post.

I will try my best to answer your questions :blush:

I don’t recall the version I was playing last year, but I was playing from June-July up to around November-December.

I picked up the game again for the new save file around May this year until July. I only have the new save file, as I ended up saving on top of the old one. I’m more than happy to share that with you guys, so I’ll read through the instructions as soon as I’m able.

The raft floor I accidentally knocked off was made out of corrugated scrap, and one of those fell off while fighting the giant eel (can’t remember the cool boss names).

I use a lot of storage boxes, with about 10-12 boxes stacked in groups of 3 on the floor of my house and about 12 or 15 on shelves. I did not have any issues with the shelves and boxes in either save files. I also have 9 container shelves with boxes on my raft, so 27 boxes. I also never had issues with those.

On the first save file I had two structures made with the red container parts for walls. On the new one I didn’t use those.

Please let me know if you need any further information.

I look forward to seeing the next update, hoping the crashes go away.

Thank you so much once again,