[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Crashing when saving

Thank you for those extra details Lesker1978.

I shall make a note of what you believe triggered more frequent crashes to occur in your save for the team and that you only experience issues when saving.

If anything else comes to mind, please do not hesitate to let me know and I’ll pass it onto the team. I understand this has been occurring for a while for a lot of players and can be very frustrating when progress is lost at the saving point and I am sorry to hear it has affected your save also. I will also make a note of why you originally took a break from the game as feedback for the team regarding this issue.

any updates? Still continuing to crash quite regularly. You will post here when there is. Game update yes?

Hi Lesker1978,

I have not received an update from the team regarding their progress on this issue. You are correct that should there be an update from the team on this issue, I will post it here. It would be posted both as a comment in the thread and I would update the first post about the issue also so it wouldn’t be missed by players.

Perfect. I will stay on a holding pattern until this happens. :sob:

I know it’s not ideal and that this issue can be very disheartening and frustrating Lesker1978, but I greatly appreciate your understanding and patience while the team continue to work on this issue.

It’s been a couple weeks. Anything?

Hi Lesker1978, I have not recieved an update from the team regarding this issue.

You may have already seen it, but the most recent update from Sam is here: Update from the team, 2022-05-03 [Crosspost] but it does not go into specifics on issues.

Yeah I’ve been having these crashes several times per session… (ps4) I started the game on 2083…

The first time i noticed it was when I renamed a giant crab, I thought the game didn’t like me doing that so I never did it again but it didn’t help…

The game also crashed when I was in the menu changing the perspective back from 3rd to 1st… I changed it back and forth a few times, applying the change each time and watching my characters head disappear when it crashed… but that’s probably irrelevant…

This crashing though really puts me off, and it always seems to be when I’ve been out sailing long distances or really doing anything for a long time… I’m on day 60 or so…

I thought it was because I held square (to open the save option at a bed) and pressed triangle too quickly that caused it, but nope, taking my time had it happen too… very weird and annoying…

And I’m not sending anymore reports via the console, it’s boring…

It’s such a shame because it’s actually a great game… terrifying because the ocean hurts my soul in ways I don’t understand, and it’s a bit wonky, but it’s great…

Jaxx I totally feel the same way. I love this game but the crashing when saving is a HUGE put off. It literally makes it not worth playing which sucks. I just can’t fathom how they know this is an issue but don’t seem to be doing anything about it.

Aside all the other glitches this makes the game unplayable. The only reason I’m not escalating my frustration is the game was “free” with PS plus.

Hi Jaxx2507, welcome to the forums,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your post. I’m sorry to hear this crashing is affecting your save too. Thank you for sharing details about each time you’ve experienced a crash in game and I will note these for the team alongside your crashing when saving details.

While reports through the PlayStation system do reach us, it can sometimes take some time, so any additional information from players on the forums is greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to report your issues here.

Edit: Username spelt wrong, sorry about that.

Tried again. Game crashed when saving. Lost 12 minutes of play time. Gathering and storage. Same everything. PS4. 2083.

Thank you for this update Lesker1978. I will add your update on the issue persisting to the report for the team.

I have chosen to delete my 113 day save game, clear all the save games and deleted the game. I have reloaded it. I’ll update the group as I play to see if this issue persists.

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Just an update. Day 8. Game is way smoother. Saving is way quicker. So far so good. No glitches or crashing happening especially when saving. I will say there does seem to be an abundance of rocks and sharks which didn’t seem to prevalent in my other save games.

Thank you for keeping us updated on your new save and the differences you’ve found so far in game, Lesker1978. I’ll keep an eye out for any future updates from you on this but I hope it continues to run smoothly for you.

Day #28 - it’s slower when saving. Explored 7 islands. Found a dead guy. DEFINITELY more sharks. It’s wild.

Thank you for your continued updates Lesker1978. Can you confirm for me if you have build up much or harvested a lot of resources in your save by this time? Slower saving is expected to a degree as players progress, change and add things to the world. But if you feel it’s a significant change then I’d like to note the size of the change for the team.

Clare. So I made it to day 50ish and it crashed while saving.

13 islands
20 ships scavenged

Quite a bit of harvesting.

Built a raft and a gyrocopter

Had about 9 container shelves and about 30 crates.

Deleted the game. Will check back here for updates I guess.

Just seems when you get to a certain point the game can’t handle it and it crashes. Oh well. Good mileage for a free game. I’ll check back here for the next update.

Hi Lesker1978, thank you for your update and for details what kind of changes you had made to the game before it started crashing.

I understand taking a break for the game and waiting for info on updates and I appreciate you taking the time to share your experience of this issue with us. I will included this info in a report update for the team.

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