PS4 2083 Glitches/Freezing

Day 32. Playing on new island didnt do anything was swimming to camp and it just froze blue screen. Must be something with game and not crates coz im not near my island. Please sort, beyond frustrating

Thank you for letting me know. I’ll update my report with this info and send feedback to the team also.

Demonhunter1107, would it be possible to get a copy of your current save file? I’m hoping that as your crashes are consistent and on all islands that it should help them with their work on this issue and test a fix for it.

If you’re happy to do so, the instructions for sending us a copy of the file can be found here: [Save File Request]

But please note the team cannot fix and return individual files, it would be used to work towards releasing a fix for the community as a whole.

Will see if i can do it. Really getting bad now. Ive been walking around with potatoes on me in my backpack for days. Planted 6. Now the 4 i have left doesnt highlight either. So now im stuck with 4 potatoes and a space in my backpack i cant use. Ive sace after all this. Dont know if it will pickup previous saves where it froze on other islands. But as i say even happened walking on another island where i didnt even try and save. Please tell me how i can send u my saved game. Will help anyway possible to get these problems fixed

Thank you Demonhunter1107. There is a step by step guide for sending save files in this post here: [Save File Request]

I can add your save file to a report on items getting stuck in inventories too. Even if the potatoes are no longer stuck (sometimes stuck items can be used again after a save and reload or a cleared cache) I will add it anyway because the team might have success in using your save file to replicate this issue.

Hi there mailed those saved games as requested. Last problems were in slot 3. So they can have a look

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Hi Demonhunter1107, thank you for sending those files along. I can confirm that I’ve downloaded the zip file from the email for the team. Thank you also for including a summary of the issues you have experienced in the email. This is very helpful and I’ll include this with the save file and a link to this thread in my reports too.

Thank you again for taking the time to send the file my way, I really appreciate it.

Hey Clare. All the help and info is just a pleasure. Hopefully benefits both parties involved. If possible would love feedback as to them seeing my problems and if and how its gonna be fixed. Just good to kmow there might be light at the other end of the tonnel :grin:

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Thank you again Demonhunter1107, while I don’t often recieve info from the team working behind the scenes I have added a note to my report asking for feedback / information. Should they send anything my way I will of course pass it onto you.

Ok so update. Made my house and storage at the ship where u need to fix plane. Works better then you dont need to look for your island. Its flatter just better for me. At day 52 now. Have helicopter potato patches house everything in crates. But seems to freeze more now. Its like everything is too busy for the game. Even if im on other islands cutting trees or foraging. While walking it seems to not freeze but ■■■■ while u walk. Really looks like if or on youtube and ur data cant keep up. So 99.9% sure problem isnt on my side. If it is would love to know how and why. As i said in beginning gone up to 80 odd days in beginning. No freezes nothing

Day 55. In helikopter flying to nearby island. ■■■■ bombs out. Bluescreen same error message. Surely that error message must have some kind of meaning

Hi Demonhunter1107, thank you for that update and for describing your current setup

Is the bluescreen error code you refering to CE-34878-0 or similar? Unfortunately CE-34878-0 usually indicates the application that was running has crashed, but does not give further details as to the cause of the crash and requires further investigating by developers. If it’s a different error code, please let me know and I will pass this code onto the team.

Thank you for also letting me know you’ve also experienced the same crashing issue when areas are loading / traveling from one area to another with this setup, I shall add this to my report.

Hi Clare
Yeah forever same error code never changes

Thank you confirming the error code and that it has not changed. I’ll highlight this for the team so they’re aware.