PS4 2083 Glitches/Freezing

I have quite a few PS4 games but just love Stranded Deep, was one of my first games and still play it the most.
Yet last few months when i get anywhere above 20 days it freezes, throws out error msg and then I’ve lost everything before the save. I’ve read up on forums questions and answers.
It freezes at random islands not just at yours, so amount of stuff on your island can’t be a factor. Also recently potatoes stored in crates can’t be selected or used which is stupid. If I jump onto my raft and hit the mast raft almost capsizes. The deeper into the game the more stuff on your island the longer it takes to save. Also when approaching your island games lows down and freezerate goes up to the point where u cant control him or the raft.
I’ve gone as far as formatting my ps4 and reinstalling everything so there are no saved games.
Problem still remains. I’ve reported this numerous times on PS4 as game freezes with Error Code. Ive gone onto Site and complained. No response no fixing.
If anyone could maybe just give hints ideas feedbackor fix the problem would be much appreciated

Hi Demonhunter1107, welcome to the forums,

I’m glad to hear you enjoy Stranded Deep so much and I’m sorry to hear you’ve been experiencing these issues when playing. Thank you for reporting your experiences to us, as you’ve mentioned a few different items, I’ve responded to each separately below…

Please also let me know if this is a single player game or a multiplayer game.

Freezing when playing:

  • Is the error message you see displayed in game or is it the PlayStation error screen showing CE-34878-0?

  • If possible, please summarise your gameplay and what tasks you typically complete over the 20 days. Another player reported a similar time frame issues and I’m wondering if there is something in common with your gameplay style that might give a clue as to what is triggering these freezes.

  • When the game freezes, is it freezing during gameplay or when saving?

  • If it occurs when saving, how frequent are the crashes?

Potatoes in Crates

  • I’ve seen reports from players that after the update to 2083 they cannot interact with spoiled food items in crates. Are the potatoes spoiled or fresh?

  • If they are spoiled, if you reload, is the crate emptied of spoiled food?

  • If they are not spoiled, can you interact with them if you are able to successfully save and reload?

Raft Mast Collision

  • Thank you for mentioning this, a few players have reported something similar and while there should be a collider on the mast, from player descriptions it appears to be unbalanced for some. I’ll add your feedback on this to my report on the issue.

Saving Times

  • Unfortunately the more items or structures as the game progresses will increase loading times. This may be eased by adding as many loose items as possible to containers to reduce their numbers. I also understand this is not ideal for players and that establishing saves can take a good amount of time to save so I will pass this feedback onto the team.

Lag on approaching an island

  • At the midway point between islands, the island you’re approaching will start to load in fully. In the past players have experienced issues with approaching their home island, particularly if there is a lot of loose items or structures to load in. Adding items to crates my help with this and players have also found looking away from the island on approach to allow the island time to load in off screen has helped. Please let me know if this does/doesn’t work for you.

Thank you for taking the time to report all of these issues, I understand they can be frustrating, especially when progress is lost. If the code you received is the PlayStation one mentioned above, unfortunately it indicates a general crash within the game, but not what caused the crash. While these reports do make it to the team eventually, it can be quicker to report them to us here, and I greatly appreciate you doing so. If there is any extra information you can provide based on my questions above, this could prove beneficial to the team when investigating these issues and would also be very much appreciated.

Hi Clare.
It freezes when saving majority of the time. Now and then when you get to ur home island. Cant think its my gameplay coz ive finished the game twice and went as far as day 76.
Ive played around. All my stuff is on one island and i made small house on island close to it with very little stuff on. Still freezes day 27. It looks like more day than whats on there.
Potatoes are spoilt. I harvest on different islands put them in crates to go to homebase. Then they dont light up so cant take them out. Ive gon as far as putting them on the ground and not in crates then after a few days they dissapear. Game was fine when i bought it for more than a year then started crashing. If other people have same issues as me it cant be us. Maybe an update that went wrong. As ive stated ive formatted my whole ps4 and started from scratch. No saved games. When i hit day 25+ regardless where i am it freezes. Its even done it on far islands with nothing on. Appreciate your feedback. Ive reported on ps4 so many times with vid clip attached no joy. I currently have about 20 games i can play. Of whish one is Sims with mostbof the add ons. Yet i go back to stranded deep regarless of freezing. I just start over everytime. So u can understand my frustration. Any help or advice would be appreciated.

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. I must apologise, I didn’t mean to imply that something players are doing means that the fault lies there. I believe there must be an issue within the game that a number of players are experiencing, but as it happens at roughly around the same timeframe, I was wondering if there is a normal part of gameplay that some players reach at that point that might be the trigger for the issue. As other issues have been linked to spawn cycles before, this could also be a factor that’s causing the issue and I’ve made a note of this for the team too.

Unfortunately my usual suggestions for tackling lag such as clearing loose items or checking if the issue occured after a particular building material was used does not apply to this issue. Should the team have any suggestions I shall post them here, but in the meantime I shall pass on the information you’ve given and update my report on spoiled items becoming stuck in crates with the info you provided about that too.

If you notice anything else that you feel could be related, or any other parts of the game that are impacted around the same time or an issue that occurs in the game beforehand, please let me know, as any potential connections could help the team in finding the source of this issue.

It is single player. I leave island i start on and go to island closest to ship. Then i cruise around all the islands collecting. But as i said if im into 25+ days it sometimes freezes far from homebase. As i wanna save bluescreen pops up with error msg. Then asks if i want to report the problem which i always do. Ive always worked from one island. Build big house that i store everything in. Only thing that i can think of thats changed with my gameplay is instead of having big raft to transport loose crates on i now use plank to make shelves on raft which works easier. Gonna restart and see if potatoes lasts in starting crates. Played yesterday and was on random island nothing funny. Was walking and it just bomb out. Blue screen with error msg. Saved ok before then so i dont know

I did change my game play. Didnt collect as much as normal. Was actually busy doing a run for rock and potatoes which i didnt collect but need to make fuel now. Built my house on a different island ect. So ive been changing but freeze still remains. Might start over and do everything otherway around as you suggest but doubt it will change.

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for the details on your standard method of gameplay. Your note on the crates is interesting and I shall add it to my report. There is an issue with crates in shelves that some players experience where they are shuffled on reload or when lag occurs that the crates start acting up such as displaying items outside of themselves or desyncing contents in multiplayer. This appears to happen primarily with shelves rather than stacks of crates and there is a chance there could be something related there… I will be sure to highlight this for the team. How many shelves on average would you say you use in your prefered raft layout during a playthrough?

If you do change how you play, please do let me know if it does / doesn’t have an impact on the issue occuring. This may help to rule out gameplay actions triggering issues. However I do understand this is time consuming so if you decide not to that is ok, I will still make a note on it as a potential angle for the team to look into in my notes.

Hi there. Ok so ive done whatbu suggested. Nothing was lying loose all in crates. Normally my raft has 16 shelves filled with crates. I now made ir smaller only had 8. Seemed to save better. Got to about day 40. Built my house smoker everything was fine. Then i built plots to plant potatoes in which i havent harvested yet. Built9 with 9 water stations. Bombed out same errormsg. Luckily i saved shortly before. Willtry with less but does seem with everything you said and ive done that main problem lies with game not being able to take too much stuff. Ie loose stuff, too many of something. Will see what else i can source. Also picked up that even at different island tge further in the game you get the longer it saves and sometimes battles to load island meaning short freezes. So work for both of us it looks like.

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for trying what I suggested and for giving me an update on your experience. From what you’ve described there may be a limit being hit there as the crashing happened after adding more items to the game after reducing items elsewhere, such as on your raft.

Are the short freezes happening at the midway point between islands for you? Players most commonly describe this when they’re loading (arriving at) or unloading (leaving) their main island. Have you experienced this between two other islands that you haven’t built on too?

I’ll add all of this new information to my report and please do let me know if you notice anything else.

Yeah itbhas happened a few times. But its after day 20. I read someone elses comments about saving and it seems to work. When saving look away from bed or hut where u save as soon as. Takes abit to save but doesnt bomb out. Ive built helicopter and flown. Seems when i get neer a different island it battles to load but does. But hasnt frozen yet. Gonna try kill bosses today. Will let you know how it goes. But that saving methilod seems to work. Defenatley problems with game as it never used to do it. Maybe server is crowded. Sure aloy of people have bought the game last few years. Not sure

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Hit day 56. Looking away when saving seems to help. Also saving more regularly. Killed 2 of the 3 bosses. When i wanted to save before going out for 3d one regardless of looking away snd being on a different island with almost nothing on still froze. So lets try again today. But got much further daywise regarding the whole saving. Gonna read see if there arent any other tricks like this saving story. But feel something really to be looked into as game was never like this.

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Hi Demonhunter1107, thank you for that update on your getting to day 56 and at what point you started experiencing the crashes and what the in-game setting was like when it froze. I agree though you got further day wise, there must be something trickling down in game to eventually cause this for players.

Harvested potatoes and put them in my starter crates as suggested. They dont highlight so can select to take them out. So only option is to keep them in your own inventory which us stupid. Pleasesee to rectify. Im on day 37 with new game. Everything in crates built big house to store everything no freezing. Gonna start harvesting clay to make house to sleep in. Had feeling last game thats where it started freezing aswell. Will let tou know. But potatoes huge problem. Time for a propper update

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Yep we stopped play. Waiting for updates

I have the same issue with the potatoes myself. Wanted to plant them. Now just a useless crate. I know your frustration

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Thanks for that information Demonhunter1107, I’ve added it to my notes.

Ok so. Ive doneall that u said. Everythingisin crates as in even my grass and sticks nothing loose. Day30 tried saving from hut. Looked away as it was saving still froze and bombed out. Getting rediculous really

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for that update and for trying to keep everything in crates. I am sorry it did not ease the issue for you.

Going over the reports from different players that have reported a similar time limit to crashes, a lot of players have had a significant number of crates and particularly container shelves. While I am not a dev myself I believe there is a possibility there may be a connection there as players have also reported issues with crates shifting outside of shelves or other disruptions related to storage - though I understand this is then works against reducing gathering of loose items for players and would be difficult to workaround. As I said, I am not a dev so it is only a theory but I have shared it with the team and will continue to update my report with information from players.

I know I’ve said it before but I understand how frustrating and disheartening crashes like these can be and I want to thank you again for sharing information on your experience with me so I can pass it onto the team.