PS4 2083 Glitches/Freezing

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for your continued updates. I know the team appreciated the details you shared last time and I’ll update my report to now include details about you building your new raft.

Thank you also for your feedback regarding additions to the game. While I know the team have said they consider the PC version feature complete and the last feature to be ported over to PC is being able to store items in piles they have said however that after addressing issues reported by the community, they will also be considering other Quality of Life improvements from PC that could be brought over to the console version. That said, I will pass on your additional feedback regarding updates and additions to the game onto the team.

Any updates to crashing when saving with PS4?

Hi Lesker1978,

I do not have specific details but I know the team are continuing to test scenarios around crashing and are working to replicate different situations based on experiences reported by players to try to isolate triggers for crashes. They are also continuing to work on other issues reported by players as some issues, even seemingly smaller ones, could have a trickle down effect that could end up triggering a crash.

Hi Clare
See there was a major update. Still fishing to see all the changes. Major problem i have after playing for more than 2 years is my backpack setup that has changed. Used to storing and clicking things a certain way. Also extra pockets makes choosing very hard. Glad crates have more storing place major bonus. Will go and see if u guys posted new changes. Please see if they change gameplay. Make it more interesting with new scenarios or new things to build or do.

Hi Demonhunter1107, it’s good to hear from you :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback regarding the inventory changes. I understand how after playing for a long time this could disrupt your gameplay flow while you adjust your gameplay style. I will pass this onto the team.

I hope the new inventory space and piles will help combat against glitching and freezing for you. Please do let me know if you notice any difference :slight_smile:

Also, you probably already spotted it, but in case not the latest patch notes and details can be found here: [Console] Update 2104 Notes

Hi. Already have a problem. Certain items dissapear out of starterbox. Then later reappears. Ex my flaslight dissapeared. Then put flashlight i got from a crate in there. Then my starter flaslight reappeared. Just happened again. Also put axe in startercrate. Now its gone. Change in inventory especially hand frustrating. After putting things from inventory in crate game randomly takes something left in inventory and puts it in your hand

They’re still there, the starter grates have a bug atm you can put 10 items in them but they’ll only show 5.

You can still take everything out

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Hi Demonhunter1107,

Sorry for my delay in responding to you. As Lothaer mentioned, the items are still in the crates but when the inventory for other crates was changed, the display for the starter crate was also adjusted by mistake while leaving the capacity the same.

The team are aware of this issue and will be releasing a fix for it. I do understand however that, despite the items still being inside, it can be frustrating to use this crate in this way.

Ive gottennused tonsome of the changes now. All good. Will post things i find as i play and find them so might be a few msgs. Cant get light hooks to work at all. Have to use thenlight stick

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Also when u cut down the leaves u use to make rope with from ucca tree you could make rope from leaves that fell now it takes from your inventory and u still have to pick up the leaves

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Hi Demonhunter1107,

I’m glad to hear you’re getting use to some of the changes now.

Thank you for reporting any additional things you notice, I’ll keep an eye on this topic and submit reports to the team as needed.

Are you refering to placing them on the wall or using them for lights? I know the team are investigating issues with hooks and shelves not attaching to walls, but I just want to make sure it’s the same issue you’re mentioning here.

Items from inventory:
Thanks for noting this. I think there was something about items not being used from piles when crafting too. This could be related but I’ll submit a new report about this to the team regardless.

Hooks to fit to walls to put lights on. Hooks doesnt want to attach to walls. Been playing intencely last few days. Love the new changes. Ob day 43 no freezing. Removing crates from boat doesnt affect boat anymore. Potatos dont get stuck in crates. And bonus water level lasts longer in farmong plot. Great job guys :grin:. Small thing that changed and isnt working. When u have 4 of something in inventory mixed with other stuff. If u select the 4 example hammers and want to drop them. After dropping 1 it randomly changes to something else which makes u have to select it again. Used to stay with that object as u drop

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Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for confirming. I believe the team are now testing a fix for the issue with lighthooks (which you may also notice affects shelves too) so it hopefully wont be too long before it’s resolved.

It’s great to hear the update has had a positive impact on your gameplay and you haven’t experienced any freezing - I’ll let the team know as this kind of feedback is great to have after an update is released.

Regarding the inventory switching after dropping an item, I’ll note this one for the team, I can understand that it would be annoying or could result in some other items being dropped accidentally - smaller issues like this are good to know and if you notice anything else at all, of course please do let me know.

Thanks again.

Latest problem. I have a bed in my house. Everytime i save from the bed and switch on later game starts with me on the roof of my house. Has happened last 4 saves :grin:

Problem made tanning rack to make leather rope. Its there. I have skin and tanning rack is higlighted but doesnt want to make the leather rope. If i open my list and browse down to make rope it sees my leather but tanning rack isnt highlighted. Kinda problem as i need to make weapons to kill bosses. Also bombed out again day 44 i think. Error CE-34878-0. Same as perviously

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thanks for reporting these.

Bed in house:
I believe this is partially intended behavior. If, when a player spawns in, there is anything that could potentially block or collide with the character, they are transported upwards to the nearest open area. Is there anything above your bed or overlapping the area that you think could prompt the game to do this?

Tanning rack:
I’ll report this to the team. I understand it came be a drain on resouces, but have you tried creating a new tanning rack or creating a new one on a different island? To double check if it’s the one tanning rack that glitched, or if it’s all tanning racks.

Oh no, I’m sorry to hear that and I appreciate you letting me know. Did it occur when saving on Day 44 or did the game freeze and crash during gameplay?

Just roof ontop of bed and around. Will check to do another tanning rack but stupid on different islands as all my resources are at home. Was busy saving game as i needed to switch off. Thats when it happened most of the times. But atleast i made it further

Demonhunter1107 thank you for confirming what is around your bed and when the game crashed. I’ve informed the team it occured on day 44. When you did save, did you use the bed that teleports you to the roof when you load in? It’s likely not related, but would be worth noting for the team just in case if it is the same bed.

Regarding the tanning rack - I completely understand this would not be an ideal workaround at all to try it on other islands. I mainly ask because a long time ago there was an issue where a player found crafting stations would not work on their island, but would if they built it on another island and I was wondering if a similar could possibly be what’s happening in your save now. However please do not go out of your way to check this, I understand it would be time consuming to do.

Yesnfrom bed that puts me on the roof after ive saved and restarted. Happened before day 44. Made ladder from roof ro climb down. Bombed out with error msg on day 44

and please ask them to look into the problem where when u build something repeatedly what u built u hold in R1 and its there. Now its as if there is a certain list. Like when i wanna place roof to my house i have to go into build go to roof and select which one everytime. Frustrating. Dont know why they changed it. Used to be whatever u built would be there for repeated use aftwr doing it once