[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] "Call Me Ahab" Trophy not unlocking for players

Issue Summary:
When a player defeats all 3 bosses and crafts the trophies for those bosses, if all 3 trophies are in the player’s backpack at any stage, “Call Me Ahab” will be unlocked.
For this issue, “Call Me Ahab” fails to unlock when these conditions are met.

Crafting each of the 3 trophies on the starting island has worked as a workaround for some players.
Unfortunately for players who have already crafted the trophies, there is currently no known workaround for prompting the trophy to unlock.

ArmchairTuna66 noted that they crafted their trophies through the quick craft menu and were able to unlock the trophy without being on the starting island.

It may be worth trying:

  • Clearing the cache of your console*, reloading the save and placing the trophies in your backpack
  • Travelling to your starting island, saving and repeating the steps above
  • Saving and keeping a backup save before traveling to the plane carrier and completing the endgame scenario to see if it unlocks at this point.
  • Crafting via the regular crafting menu instead of the quick crafting menu, and doing it one at a time (opening and closing the menu) rather than one after another.

*To clear the the cache of your console, shut down and unplug the console for 2-5 minutes. Then plug back in and reboot.

Further reporting:
Please let me know what crafting methods you have tried and also if the colour splash behind the items in the crafting menu changes colour / registers that the trophies have been crafted.

Updated main post with potential new workaround and further reporting details.

Having this problem on a PS5 running the PS4 game, version 2083, single player. Have every other trophy in the game, these have the “crafted” splash behind their image in the crafting menu.

The Eel and Squid were crafted on the starting island, unfortunately I crafted the Shark at sea and don’t have a backup save before doing so. They were crafted using the regular crafting menu.

Clearing console cache did not work. Putting them in my bag after reloading a save before the end game did not work.

Hi SnowArcaten, welcome to the forums.

I’m sorry to hear this issue is affecting your save also. Thank you for sharing the details or your experience - I shall add this to my report for the team.

After the update to 2083, players have reported their story items have locked again in their crafting menu. Have you noticed this happening in your save at all or is the crafting menu unchanged? I don’t believe these issues are related, but I wanted to double check just in case.

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Hi Clare,

I also seem to be having the same issue.

PS5 Console on v2083 (Solo).

I crafted all 3 items on my starting island, all have orange backgrounds but trophy does not pop.

I have also tried the save/reload and add to backpack and also clearing the PS5 cache and no luck. Took me quite some time to get to this point with work and can’t restart, is there a known workaround for this or can I get a trophy pop? If needed I have recording of the trophies on console with reloading.