[Known Issue] Freezing Between Islands

Issue Summary:
There have been reports of a freeze or stutter between islands, primarily when leaving or returning to the players base island. This issue appears to be separate to the lag experienced between islands as when the freezing stops the players raft or gyro may have advanced without them.

The “looking away” from an island workaround that works for the lag does not appear to work in this case. There are currently no known workarounds for this issue.

Further Reporting
If you have experienced this issue, we would greatly appreciate details of your experience including descriptions of you island, whats on it, and any buildings changes made. Please also include what in game day you are on and if this is occurring in a save made before the 1820 (PS4) / 2820 (XB1) update.

I didn’t notice my lag when approaching islands somewhere around day 10, no earlier than day 9. It’s pretty minor when approaching most islands, except my home base. I’ve stripped all of the starting stuff from my island other than yucca. There are no ship wrecks. I’ve got a shelter, smoker, loom, leather rack, fuel distiller, 2 farming plots, 2 water collectors, 2 rafts (a 1x3 and a 5x5)and about 15 storage boxes. I had my first crash between islands while playing last night and shockingly not involving my home island. I am on day 28.

I could be wrong, but I think it may have started as I brought more storage containers home and onto my boat.

Thank you for passing on the details about your island Desmonddark85, I’ll pass this info onto the team so that the have it to hand when investigating.

To give you a heads up, if the game lagged and then crashed, this might be a different issue to the freezing between islands bug. They seem very similar but no harm in also checking out the crashing thread if you haven’t already, just in case the workarounds there can be of any help [Known Issue] Crashing during gameplay

I dont get lag approaching other islands.But i go into a loading screen everytime i approach my home base.Im unable to use the gyrocopter with out it ending up in the sea,because for a minute or 2 i have no control due to the lag.Ive completly stripped back 5 islands to build my base and currently on day 187.But the lag issue is making the game unplayable.Besides this i was enjoying the game.

Hi Cyberpunk488 - welcome to the forums!

You mentioned a “Loading Screen” between islands. Does what you see change at all, or is the game frozen in a still image of you in your gyro?

When you stripped the 5 islands, are the items still loose on your home island, or have you used them to construct the base at this stage?

Thank you for sharing the details of your experience with us.

Ive constructed a 2 level base with 6 farms. My gyrocopter and raft go into a spin,i lose control for 1-2 minutes.I dont see my base alter i just see the sky as im spinning.No items are loose everything is constructed or in storage in container boxes.I only get this issue returning to my base island.Im unable to use the gyrocopter as it ditches in the sea every time due to the loading screen.

Thank you for taking the time to pass on those further details to us Cyberpunk488, I shall send them to the team.

I’ve had issues returning to base island where the game lags pretty bad. I think my main problem was too many crates so I moved as many empty ones as possible to another island and that seemed to help. I still have lag but not as bad, also I have huge build as well so that may have something to do with it.

Thank you for that info Tankbully - if you find that looking away from the island on approach eases the issue at all, please let us know as this issue and [Known Issue] Lag buildup / performance drops are very similar.

I will check when I get on hopefully this afternoon

No rush! But if you check as part of your next gameplay session we’d greatly appreciate you taking the time to do so :slight_smile:

I’m having this problem as well. I’ve found myself just trying to stop in the middle of the ocean just to wait till lag stops. Usually the big lag is on my way back to home island, and then also, there’s a smaller lag going sometimes to other islands


As ive stated before,On returning to my island i go into a frame by frame loading screen,its now impossible to load anything onto my raft as i will lose it to the sea because of this issue.After beating the squid and returning to my island i got blue screened twice each time losing my save points,i dont really want to kill him again.Ive rebuilt my data base on ps4 console to resolve these issues but its still occurring.Im currently on day 203.And wondering if i have to destroy my buildings on my island to be able to complete this game,which is a shame as that was one of the aspects that interested me.

Thank you all for sharing your info. Please be sure to double check [Known Issue] Lag buildup / performance drops and [Known Issue] Crashing during gameplay as there appears to be an overlap in the effects these issues and in some cases the workarounds there may work for you (but they do not seem to work for the freeze/stutter). I will however alert the team to the crashes mentioned in relation to this issue too.

My game is completely fine, up until move away from the island, then the game freezes up.
the only way I can unfreeze it Is by pressing “exit”
twice then I will get a solid 5fps for a one second interval.

Hi NalpalmInhaler420,

I’m sorry to hear you’re experiencing this issue in your save,

Please let me know:

  • What platform you’re playing on and what the version number in the bottom left of the main menu is
  • Is this a new game or an established save you’ve been playing for a while?
  • Are you traveling via life raft, constructed raft or Gyro?
  • Have you been able to leave your island before this issue started occuring?

Any extra information would be greatly appreciated as I would like to determine if this is the same issue as the one above or a seperate one.

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