[Known Issue] Lag buildup / performance drops

Issue Summary:
Players most commonly report seeing an increase in lag on their home islands and on more established saves. Lag has also been reported when traveling from island to island, especially as the island the player is approaching begins to load in.

One of the common factors in saves where players report this occurring is a significant amount of gathered resources on the home island. Reducing the number of loose items may help towards a reduction in lag.

Further Reporting
If you find the lag when traveling occurs when traveling only to a particular type of island or around a specific object, please let us know in the comments below.

If you find lag or performance drops are occurring for you and your situation does not match those listed above, please create a new post in the main Bug Reports section.

So i started this new save with animals on “passive”, never had a lag problem or anything. Now Its sounding like I’m in a tunnel again since I turned animals to “default”. I did notice a slight lag or pause when going back to my main island, but technically I’ve only been to
3 islands on the whole map (home, main, and resource). Seed #25024114, I’m on ps4

Ty for all you do. We have recently noticed a lag in our the bigger our home base got and we could only restart another; did not mind though just try to do better next time. That character was over 250 days old.


Thank you for your understand FIELDSislanders - please do let us know if you notice anything in particular triggering a lag build up for your in your new save.

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From what I can tell so far once we start to build on an island and get a few supplies up even on the new on it starts to lag during the save. Thank you so much we really love the game. Cant wait to see what’s next. Also, quick question? is there anything on the ship the Megalodon is eating at? We are using a PlayStation 4. We did uy full game.

Thank you for that infor FIELDSislanders - A common items players (including myself) gather first is sticks and leaves for fire and the water still, If you have any piles like that early on, try seperating them out to see if that helps at all.

I can confirm there is no loot or crates on the piece of ship in the Megalodon area. Only the Megalodon drops items when defeated.