[Known Issue] Crashing during gameplay

Issue Summary:
The most commonly reported crashes by players are those that occur when traveling between islands or when saving the same. Sometimes a build up of lag occurs beforehand or you may experience the lag but not the crash.

For crashes that occur between islands, we have had reports from players that looking away from an island as you approach it can help to ease the crashes. On the Gyro, hanging back a bit to allow the island more time to load in is best, but this will burn extra fuel.

For crashes that occur when saving, these are most commonly reported on a players home island. This can potentially be eased by reducing the number of gathered loose resources on the island.

If you experience crashes primarily when returning to your home island, reducing the number of loose items may help in this case too.

We understand the workarounds listed above are not ideal, but we hope they may be able to help while we continue to work on this issue.

User @igwanna shared the following tip they found that might be of use to some players:

Someone posted somewhere that, before you save, look into the sky for 5 seconds so the game can settle down. Also when changing islands look up until the mast shudders then you’re good to go. I had 4 crashes in one afternoon when I found this, and only once in a month since then when I was sailing to an island and didn’t look up. I wish the original poster of this tip endless wealth and success!

Further Reporting
If you wish to share your experience with the crash scenarios listed above, please feel free to do so in the comments bellow. Any extra information about players individual experiences is greatly appreciated.

If you experienced a crash but it does not fit into the scenarios above, please do not report it below, but instead create a new report in the main Bug Reports section for us to address.

My game crashes so frequently while traveling between islands that I’ve had to quit playing Stranded Deep all together. It occurs both with the raft and the gyro. It occurs both with standard islands and custom islands. My assumption is that it’s occurring because I’ve built a massive base on my home island and it’s beyond what the game can handle. Disappointing, because I enjoyed building it.

Hi Trudge,

I’m sorry to hear your gameplay has been affected this way. Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue and what you feel has contributed to it occurring in your save.

I have noticed that raft size plays a significant role in the delays/crashes. I built a raft 3 wide and about 6 long. Saving would lag for a few seconds, but not freeze.
I had tons of resources on my home island.
I then increased the size of that exact same raft to 8 wide, 6 long in one play through, no additional saves. After completing the 8 wide, 6 long raft, saving immediately went from lagging for a few seconds to stopping almost completely and took roughly a minute.

Hi Charlie,

Thank you for letting us know the details of what you found to have an impact on the severity of this issue for you and for noting that you had a significant number of loose items on your island before this occurred. Did you have multiple sails or crates etc added to your raft also?

I’ll have to double check the save in a few hours for details on the 8 wide 6 long raft. I had 28 crates, 1 sail, 1 rudder, and 1 anchor on the original 3 wide, 6 long raft. I’ve used all 4 save slots multiple times, with houses up to 5 by 5, one floor only. I now limit my rafts to roughly 3 by 6 and I get relatively minor lag compared to my other save files.

Thanks for confirming those extra details for me, Charlie! I’ll highlight the raft significance for the team and keep an eye out for any further details about your larger raft in future comments.

Day 47. 8 by 6 raft has same 28 crates, 1 anchor, no rudder, 8 sails for aesthetic reasons. Same freezing issue, save took 27 seconds. I then removed 7 of the 8 sails, save froze the same way and again took 27 seconds.

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Brilliant, thank you so much for taking the time to check and let me know, Charlie

My game usually crashes after i find the third island on my way back to my base island, also seems to be connected to how i save if i save and leave the island it crashes but if i save then sleep its less of an issue. I kinda thought this bug was fixed but its still happening.

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Hi xRe4LK1y0t3x - Welcome to the forums!

Thank you for sharing your experience of this issue. I had not yet heard of sleeping before traveling as a potential workaround but I will add this to my report on the issue for the team.

Had you tried the looking away from an island on approach workaround at all? I’d be curious to hear if that works in your save also or if the sleep before traveling is more successful for you overall.

Ok so i hoped on today went to an island a bit farther away to collect clay left main and went(had to retrieve paddle first). I got to the island did what i went for but also build fire, tent thing, and water collector. I saved game then i left for my main stuffs while not looking at the island game still crashed half way to the island so im not sure whats going on.

Also i might be off on this but think too its seeming the more this i bring to my main island(boxes/big building/things collected) the more it crashes so idk maybe its a server issue or ive even noticed altering the cartographer and if you exceed the island amount of items the map will generate with no items or anything its just bare. So it also could be a kink in the island update. Im no programer just ideas maybe.

I find if I’m returning to my home island during a storm it’s crushing everytime.

Thank you for sharing more details of your experience and for those videos, xRe4LK1y0t3x. One thing I did notice in your videos is you’re using the yellow life raft. For the looking away workaround I believe this has been more successful for players using a constructed raft as it’s easier to continue heading directly towards the island while your character looks away. I updated the main post above with a suggestion from igwanna about how they perform a similar workaround on their constructed raft.

As for items on your island, it does seem like the more loose items players have the greater the lag build up (though I can’t confirm if this is the root cause of the issue entirely as the team are still working on this issue). The game save is hosted on your console rather than on a server so you may also notice that loading and saving with more items on the island may take a bit longer. This is why one of the workarounds we recommend above is reducing numbers by placing them in crates or not keeping large piles of items on your home island as it can help prevent a build up in lag when saving or traveling.

The number of items on a custom island are caped to help prevent an overload, however if no items are spawning at all for you if your get the warning message of item numbers exceeded, then please let us know more in a new bug report as this would be something the team would want to look in to.

Dorz21, Does this occur in new saves also, or do you find its more established saves and home islands most effected?

More on established islands, it has happened a few times on new islands.

Thank you for confirming where you’ve experienced this issue for me, Dorz21.

My game crashed when i was doing a casual progress save midday and when i loaded back into the game my raft along with nearly 30 crates of scavenged material placed on the raft shelves including wollie and 8 lanterns, GONE… Over 120 in game days work and progress just ■■■■, GONE… Considering a bulk of the crates were clay blocks which is a hard enough to come by and also not renewable, my entire gameplay is basically a loss… cheers!