[Console] Update 2121 Release Notes and Info

Hi everyone,

The latest update for the PS4 and XB1 version of Stranded Deep will be rolling out today [2023/07/31]. Once your game is updated, the version number in the bottom left of the main menu will show 2121. Please see below for a list of fixes and improvements included in this update.

We also want to thank our players for their continued support of Stranded Deep and for reporting details of any experiences you’ve had with issues to the Console Bug Reports section of our forums. The team are continuing their work to investigate and resolve issues reported by the community and any additional details of players experiences are valued and appreciated by the Team.

– Stay Alive!
Beam Team


  • Fixed rafts loading back with missing pieces or attachments when saving on open water between islands.

  • Fixed player unable to deconstruct raft pieces in some scenarios.

  • Fixed player unable to attach extensions to rafts in some scenarios.

  • Fixed incorrect notification showing when saving a game on a raft.

  • Fixed client (Player 2) unlocking host achievements when joining a multiplayer game.

  • Fixed ‘Call Me Ahab’ trophy not unlocking in some scenarios.

  • Fixed quick-crafting not showing crafting history.

  • Fixed Shark soundtrack persisting after killing the Shark.

  • Fixed Speargun arrows not firing or getting stuck in some scenarios.

  • Fixed crash on PS4 after long sessions.

  • Fixed birds and bats colliding with constructions and rafts.

  • Fixed Player 2 being unable to drag rafts.

  • Fixed spears not loading back when stuck in rafts.

  • Fixed boat motor fuel level not decreasing for Player 2 when operating.

  • Fixed Fuel Still starting with no fuel when crafted with a full Jerrycan.

  • Fixed Jerrycan not refunding with Fuel Still’s remaining fuel after dismantling the Fuel Still Boiler.

  • Fixed UI showing last highlighted object when crafting a placeable item in some scenarios.

  • Fixed item highlighting not showing for Player 2 when joining a multiplayer session in-progress.

  • Fixed ‘Days Survived’ notification not showing.

  • Fixed map square remaining highlighted after leaving ‘World Editor’ in Cartographer.

  • Fixed player negative status effect visuals not resetting when revived.

  • Fixed player health not regenerating while sleeping.

  • Fixed player SPF depleting when sleeping at night.

  • Fixed player colliding with Palm Tops.

  • Fixed player being able to access inventory and crafting menu during the intro scene after controller disconnect.

  • Fixed player being unable to access toolbelt while looking at an item.

  • Fixed player being able to access toolbelt during end-game scene after controller disconnect.

  • Fixed player being able to move behind ‘controller disconnected’ dialog after reconnecting controller.

  • Fixed compass not visible when crouching.

  • Fixed small fish being hard to see when close to shore during fishing sequence.

  • Fixed windowed wall pieces being able to be placed on top of other window pieces.

  • Improved placement of objects on terrain and terrain objects.

  • Improved Tiger Shark animation.

* Improved holding position of Mysterious Box.
(This last fix was included by mistake when compiling the release notes for the Console update. Apologies for any confusion caused by its inclusion. -Clare)


Thank you to the team. Hopefully the platinum exploit gets fixed in the next update.

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Hi Lothaer, I believe this should be covered by “Fixed client unlocking host achievements when joining a multiplayer game.”

Oh yes you’re right. My bad

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The lack of prioritization by Beam Team Games is astonishing. The amount of people who played the game will decrease.

By your logic devs should just make the platinum Trophy Unlock as soon as they start the game.

All these people are only getting the game for a free platinum not to actually play the game.

If you want a platinum to increase your epeen score then earn it properly.

No, because I never mentioned anything specific about the update.

You can’t claim something definitively without providing irrefutable evidence. Can you support your claims with evidence?

The rarity of trophies has inflated your ego. Why don’t you mind your business about how other people play games which they purchased?

Hi Clare,

I booted up and the Call Me Ahab trophy popped!

I want to thank you and the team for your perseverance in fixing this one! Amazing :slight_smile: thank you!

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That’s awesome - I’m glad to hear it Dol96. Thank you so much for your understanding and patience while the team resolved this. I’ll comfirm for them that you recieved your trophy as I’m sure they’ll be delighted to hear it worked for you.

Hopefully this fixes the problems my friend and I have been experiencing but I’m not seeing those fixes here.

Sometimes Ive been seeing double of everything on my game when an Island renders in theres what looks like a shadow over it and everything is blurred

Then player 2 has constant problems, chests are empty with the contents floating above them, stats are not increasing/depleting, they’re unable to use the save point, when I build something they dont see it, have pics for that but as a new member can only add one.

Also getting so many error codes and then kicked out on save so its not saving.

Are these fixes included here and I’m not seeing it, or are these still to be addressed?

Thanks :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Ekrubnaffit, welcome to the forums,

The issues with crates and desync in multiplayer are still being investigated and worked on by the team.

Please submit a report to the Console Bug Report section of the forums with as much detail as possible about your setup and experience and I will respond to you directly as soon as possible.

This will help me gather info for the team as well as potentially provide some suggestions for your to try. I cannot follow up on bug reports in larger threads.

Thank you.

What is the Mysterious Box mentioned in the “Improved holding position of Mysterious Box.” I haven’t seen one in game on PS4. Does anyone know what this is?

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Will there be a fix for player 2 not being able to see that meat is cooked? Ive been having an issue where my second player doesnt see the meat as cooked or other objects spawning after player 1 crafts them. Such as the water still. This is on the xbox for both consoles

I’d like to know what this is aswell.

Thank you for fixing the platinum bug.

The Trophies subreddit can finally find some peace.

This is just a small sample of what the subreddit was like for the past several weeks.

As a reward for all the nice people who got the platinum through the bug, may may want to release an expensive DLC with lots of trophies that are long, grindy, difficultly-related, meticulous, time-trials, date-sensitive, multiple playthroughs, and multiplayer.

All those great players who loved posting about the Stranded Deep platinum endlessly for weeks deserve a nice reward.

Here are already a few people that are clamoring for that DLC.

OMG, there is a MYSTERY BOX?! Where do I find it?

Hi, me and my gaming partner have the same problems :frowning: It’s already two years we played last time and we are still waiting for a fix so we can continue, but it doesn’t look good i think. Player 2 can’t see stuff in the boxes and many more problems. We wanted this game so badly, both bought it, really enjoyed it and then problems start resurfacing, we couldn’t continue anymore, so we stopped playing and now still waiting and waiting, every update we try it again, but still no changes. It’s painful and sad.

Im presuming they are reffering to the fedex style box easter egg on pc, im not sure why thats in the update as its not on console, at least iv never found it in multiple playthroughs

I read on the PSN Profiles site that the trophy people love trying to recreate trophy pops that heavily rely on luck-based randomness.

They have a whole subforum called disputes where dedicated people called CRT try to recreate trophy issues caused by luck-based random glitches.

It is too boring for them if a trophy glitch and can be predictably popped or not popped.

Randomness is the way to go for these trophy fans when they try to troubleshoot trophy glitches.

For the DLC please consider adding trophies for collecting hundreds of collectibles with no visual tracking system.

Plus add lots of luck-based trophies that rely on randomness as mentioned earlier.