[Known Issue] Raft motor steering sensitivity

UPDATE - After version 2009 was released. Players are having trouble with the raft movement. Some can only go forwards and backwards, some only backwards, and there have also been reports of the rudder not steering correctly too. If you have experienced this issue, please let me know in a comment below, or a bug report, the following info:

  • Are you playing in a new save, or was your save updated?
  • Was your raft or raft parts built before or after the update?
  • In what way is your motor and/or rudder effected?

This issue seems to primarily affect updated saves. If a player creates an entirely new raft and motor within the save, they can steer the raft as normal. However this can be costly for resources.

Below is the original ourline of the issue from 1820

Issue Summary:
After the Patch 4 update, players have reported the raft turning sensitivity on the motor is too high. This can cause difficulty in keeping the raft straight when traveling.

Some players have reported that the more they added to their raft, the less apparent the issue became. It may be possible to reduce the effect of the issue by adding more parts to your raft (However please be aware of [Known Issue] Deconstruction of raft bases when doing so)

If you try either increasing the size of your raft, or creating a smaller one, and notice a change in the sensitivity when steering, please let us know.

Update: @Charlie shared a tip (below) on what worked for them when they experience this issue - if you give this a go, let me know how you get on!

Another tip, this time from @Pacroid which includs a diagram of their raft setup.