[Console] Update 2104 Notes

Hi everyone!

The latest update for Stranded Deep on Xbox and PlayStation has started rolling out. It may take some time for it to appear in your region, but the version number in the bottom left of the main menu will change to 2104 once you’re up to date.

This update focuses on quality-of-life improvements and feature integrations from PC, along with important fixes to improve stability.

Changes and improvements to the Inventory mechanics have been integrated from the PC version. We recognized that the idea of your hands acting as an extra ‘slot’ for your held item and not being visible in the inventory was confusing. This mechanic also made it difficult to transfer held items into storage. Now the item you’re holding is displayed in the first inventory slot. The slot to the left of this is reserved for other inventory actions, like empty hands, or navigating between storage. Inventory capacity has also been increased from 10 to 12 slots and other container capacities have been increased from 3 to 5 slots.

The much requested Item Pile feature from the PC version has now been integrated. Item piles are encouraged for organization and to prevent players from gathering large piles of individual items that negatively affect performance. We know there is a reward and feeling of satisfaction from accruing large piles of stuff, so we don’t want to take that away! ‘Piles’ are an efficient way to show off your hoarding skills! See the patch notes below for more info on how to use the new piles feature.

We’re continuing to actively investigate causes of any instability and desyncs for multiplayer games. Most issues we’re seeing are either caused by or exacerbated by very large Rafts packed with storage containers. We’ve added a max raft size limit of 5Wx4L to mitigate this, but also increased overall storage slots to keep approximately the same total storage capacity.

This update also includes an important fix for players hosting games in the “USA, East” region which should improve latency and stability.

New Features

  • Added new craftable item Piles!

You can create a pile by looking at or holding an item that you have 2 or more of in the surrounding area. Use the Quick Craft menu to craft a ‘pile’ of that item, which is shown by a new pile icon in blue. Piles are free to create and store 1 type of crafting item. The supported items are: Sticks, Rocks, Palm Fonds, Lashings, Fibrous Leaves, Clay, Logs and Coconuts. The capacity for most items is 50x but can vary depending on the item.

You withdraw and deposit items just like a storage container. The first item stored assigns the type of pile it is. You can remove all items and re-assign a pile at any time. When you withdraw all items from a pile, it will disappear.

Items stored in a pile are available and can be used when crafting without having to manually remove them from a pile. Note: Pile materials will be used last.

For those interested in the tech side of things, the benefits of the new piles are:

  • Faster zone loading: 1 item to load, instead of 50x individual objects.
  • Batched rendering for 50x items. Rendering multiple items was batched before, but the new method is even more efficient.
  • Less physics overhead! Piles are a static object with 1 collider, instead of 50x physics bodies and colliders.
  • Less overhead from individual Unity GameObjects. GameObjects and Components in Unity incur a small amount of overhead to validate state and run callbacks on every instance. This all adds up, so it is good to mitigate.


  • Changed inventory to display the item the player is holding in slot 1.
  • Increased inventory storage from 10 to 12 slots.
  • Increased crate storage from 3 to 5 slots.
  • Added max raft size limitation: 5W x 4L.
  • Added billboards to raft pieces.
  • Changed placing to snap to terrain objects.
  • Changed placing to snap on foundations.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region.
  • Fixed player unable to jump while holding Wollie.
  • Fixed “Seafarer” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed game loading errors for players using a non-Gregorian calendar, eg: Arabic, Thai.
  • Fixed player falling from Palm Tree when climbing to the top.
  • Fixed game session showing as ‘Busy’ if host is near a boss.
  • Fixed loss of input when switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile.
  • Fixed multiple issues when using Spyglass.
  • Fixed “Call Me Ahab” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed P1 stuck in fire lighting animation if P2 destroys Camp Fire during lighting.
  • Fixed rafts moving in random directions when operating a raft motor.
  • Fixed game getting stuck in Cartographer when reconnecting controller.
  • Fixed player colliding with raft sails.
  • Fixed host and client being able to drag the same ‘Palm Tree’
  • Fixed “Two of Each” achievement not unlocking.
  • Fixed consecutive achievements not unlocking.
  • Fixed high detail LOD always enabled for some objects.
  • Fixed spoiled fruit/veg stuck in containers.
  • Fixed Snake attack animation not playing for client.
  • Fixed P1 able to sleep while P2 operating vehicle.
  • Fixed Shipwreck ladders missing localization.
  • Fixed animals not dither fading out when skinned.
  • Fixed unnecessary notifications showing when loading game.
  • Fixed food ‘Smoked’, ‘Cooked’, ‘Spoiled’ display name prefixes stacking.
  • Fixed crafting using multiple of one material
  • Fixed scenarios for host and client crafting with same materials
  • Fixed able to place craftable items inside terrain objects.
  • Fixed glitchy Foundation placing check.
  • Fixed storage playing push audio when loading a zone.
  • Various consolidation and changes to improve stability.

We greatly appreciate the continued support of the Stranded Deep community - thank you! The team are continuing to work on issues reported by players so do not worry if you do not see the issue you reported listed above as it’ll be in the queue for the team. Please continue to report any issues you experience in the Console Bug Reports section and thank you to everyone who’s reported their experience of issues thus far!

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


An additional note:

All fixes and changes should work for pre-existing saves.

With regards to new Raft Limits, pre-existing larger rafts will not change, but they will no longer be able to be extended.

Edit: As noted by players below “Call Me Ahab” is not unlocking retroactively for players who have crafted one of more of the trophies before the update. The team is aware of this and are looking into this issue.
If you experience an issue with this trophy in a save created after the update to 2104, or in a save created in the previous version where none of the trophies were crafted before the update. Please submit a Console Bug Report and I will respond asap, and pass the details of your experience onto the team also - Thank you.


Hi Clare just a little update everything in the patch notes seems to be working fine on xbox series X just a quick note. The starter crates you get (orange and white ones) they had more slots than usual but have now been taken down to 5 this isnt a problem but if your crate was full before the update you cant see all the items on there you have to take them all out to see what is in there. This is by no means game breaking and does not bother me in the slightest so this IS NOT a rant lol just thought id make you guys aware incase people start complaining there items are missing ect :slightly_smiling_face:

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Hi Charlie1992 - Glad to hear everything is working well for you and thank you for that note. I’ll mention this to the team and also keep an eye out for reports here too. I am glad you are able to take all the items out though.
Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Please fix co op. I only bought the game 2x so we could play together and its unplayable. The crate bs is game breaking. I can deal with the lag causing 1 fps more times than not, but not the crate issue.

I played yesterday and the game had not updated on console yet. Today the update is live with PILES. Not sure why all items weren’t included in the pile function but hey its better than crates everywhere. Crates also have 5 spots! Nice.

Can we get the lanterns from pc on console? They’re twice as bright and use white light vs yellow. Makes a lot of difference.

No problem at all happy to help. Again im not ranting this new update is fantastic but yes you can take all items out and you can also put all the items back into the crate. So you can still have 10 items on there but can only see the last 5 items in the crate :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi @Alleykat - welcome to the forums.

I moved your post to the most recent post about the updates so I can keep all feedbck and comments together. It’s my understanding the team are still working multiplayer issues, including the crate contents not showing for player 2 (If this is not the issue you’re refering to, please let me know)

Thank you also for your feedback regarding items that piles were made for and the lanterns, I will pass this onto the team.

Thanks Charlie1992 - and no worries, you do not appear to be ranting at all. This info is hugely appreciated!

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What are billboards?

Hi Clare,

The ‘Call me Ahab’ trophy is still not unlocking? I already have the items crafted and can’t recraft? Is there something specific I need to do to force the pop or have I got to do an entire new save?

It took me months to get to this point :frowning:


Hi Dol96,

I’m sorry the trophy is still not unlocking for you. I’ll reach out to the team to see if there is something that you can do to cause it to pop. Please bear with me.

Hi Lothaer,

I have asked the dev team for an official description and intended us description for billboards. I unfortunately have not yet had a chance to play to update yet but also want to make sure my information is correct by asking the team.

i still can’t play online and i have tried all the servers, this problem hasn’t been solved for more than 4 months i waited for the new update but it didn’t do anything, i even reinstalled the game but nothing happened, tries from different accounts on my ps5 and still can’t join or host any online lobby


So i came back on the game because a friend and I want to get all the trophies on the game and i have few questions and first of all im glad to see that you’re still active ! Since i wasn’t getting news about you all on twitter i thought thar the game was abandonned :sob: anyways my questions are, can the both of us get the trophy of crafting everything ? Like let’s say that i crafted half and he crafted another half, will it count for each other ?
And about the sea monsters trophy since i am the host when i will have crafted all of the trophies will he get the trophy as well? I don’t know if i’m maling any sense but i hope i do!

This definitely sounds like a playstion issue because over on xbox we dont have this problem yea sure we get the lag and occasionally we get the bug were you cant see the items in the crates ect but other than good as gold

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Hello, unlocking the trophy didn’t work for me either, I had one of the trophies already made, I did the other two but nothing at all :frowning:

Really disappointed when I saw that the trophy was “corrected”, I was on my starting island but the trophies are still in gray as if it had not been done

Just a heads up. The addition of piles has created a pretty immersion breaking bug, in that making a coconut drink pile causes previously empty coconut drinks to refill which basically gives players an effortless and infinite water supply.
Hope this can be fixed soon, my wife and i play on hard and just knowing we can have infinite coconut drinks if we really wanted is a bit of a buzzkill.

Hi Clare im same as dol96 thophy “call me ahab” still not unlocking i have them crafter already its over a year now that i am waitint the fix

Is there any intent on bringing the feature from PC where the motor works as a rudder when out of petrol? I don’t see it here but it would make the motor usable.