Message from the Team - 22/11/10 [PC and Console]

Yay! an update for PC. That’s great news! BUT if I am being Honest.
Console updates needs to be prioritized over PC right now.
I have seen TERRIBLE game crashes and lost boats, bases, missing boxes. You name it. There are game breaking bugs that demotivate people from playing. Those pissed off people take to social media looking for fixes and always ask about updates. Literally no one can answer any of their questions. Including beam team.
I make YouTube content on stranded deep. I have grown my channel with it and the game has been good to me. However, when I make a how-to video, I have to TRY and balance PC and Console or else I get hammered in the comments section… “I can’t do that because I’m on console” “I wish I could do that” “When update for console”

Give console players a date… and a dev console to have fun with at least!

It’s not a good thing. It’s gotten to where it is not ok.

Cheers, sorry not sorry.


it’s a cool news and about the glitched trophies like Call me Ahab they have a correction ?

Thank’s for your response

Hi Vilink,

The team are still working on the Call Me Ahab issue, last I heard they replicated the issue internally and are working on a fix for it. It will still need to be tested so I cannot confirm at this point if it’ll be incuded in the next update, or a following one.

If I get word of a fix being confirmed and ready, I’ll post it in a message like the one above

Any word on fresh potatoes / fruit going bad on the tree, both farmed and wild variants?

Hi Darkthought, from what I’m able to see it looks like a fix was found for this issue by the team. I believe the next phase for it is testing and it’ll be released in a following update as the fix was not confirmed ready for the update that was just released.

Hi Clare. Reloaded the game. Fourth time lol. PS4 version 2083. Says it’s the latest version. Spoiler meat can’t be removed from
Chest. I was able to take one out but when I closed the chest I couldn’t removed the rest.

Have there been any other concerns or complaints about having issues crashing when saving? I’m not seeing this on the fixed side of things either and would hate to invest another 50 game days to have this come up again lol.

I’m on day 18. Let me know what else you need to know.

Please advise.


Hi Lesker1978,

The issue with removing spoiled food from crates is one the team are aware of and I believe they found the fix for. As far as I am aware the fix is finish and should be included in the update that will be released early next week. Please also see: [Console] Update Information 2022/12/13

There have been players that mentioned crashing during gameplay, and occassionally when saving. The team are looking into various stability improvements that should help against this. As there are a number of triggers that can result in a crash, I am hoping some of the fixes and the addition of the piles feature in this next update will help with the crashes you are experiencing. Of course if the issue continues to occur after the update next week, please do let me know - including if there have been any changes in frequency - and I will inform the team.

Thank you.

Thanks Clare. Once the newest version loads I’ll see what happens.

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Hi Clare just a question will console ever get the ability to build on a foundation ? Like making a house or hut ect and being able to put your water still shelter and other things inside ? Just curious thanks :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi Charlie1992,

I have a report / request from players submitted to the team about this. Unfortunately I don’t have much more information on this, but it is my understanding they are looking into it.

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Lovely cheers for responding clare :grin:

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Hi Claire, long time no see :slight_smile: In my opinion, the fix regarding setting the raft in motion when colliding with a sail should be reverted. This is a very productive way to turn the raft and requires the player to develop a certain skill, because if you are not careful enough, you will turn too sharply. You must take into account the angle of approach to the sail and the force of pressing the mast to regulate the intensity of the turn. Anything that requires work on a skill is always more interesting than just pushing buttons. And Happy New Year, Claire!

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I wanted to second this comment. Building large and oddly-shaped rafts and learning to steer them by pushing the sails was the majority of the fun of the late game for me. Although Beam Team have been absolutely excellent in their communication with us regarding these changes, it sort of killed my drive to play the game anymore as soon as I found out they were planning to remove collision from the sails. It’s a small detail in the grand scheme of things but boy it really did feel good to man the sails the old way instead of using the rudder. No doubt this change was very much intended and this is how the devs meant for the rafts to handle in the first place, and most players probably don’t build big enough to even notice. But I’m gonna miss sailing my big ol’ pirate ship raft around, to be sure. I just felt so much more engaged running around the deck raising/lowering/pushing sails vs. sitting in one place holding the thumbstick left or right.

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@Shturman889 and @Esmiux - Thank you both for your feedback. I will pass this onto the team.

The update notes have also now been posted here: [Console] Update 2104 Notes

If you (or anyone else reading this) have any additional feedback, please post it in that topic and I’ll pass everything onto the team.

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Hi every body. First of All I want to Thank you for this fantastic experience. I have never played anything like Stranded Deep and for me it’s by far the most satisfactory survival game ever made, thank you! I can’t express in words how I love to relax playing this game. I’m on Day 385 with my 4th file… Lol
Hope you don’t abandon this game, it has a special place in my heart.
Looking forward to news soon!!


Hi Kamuca, welcome to the forums and thank you for your kind words and support. It’s great to hear you love playing this game and find it to be a relaxing experience. I will pass your feedback onto the rest of the team as I know they’ll be delighted to read it.

Thank you again :slight_smile:

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Clare, any word on an ETA for the next update? It’s kinda hard to find potatoes when they all rot in the wild before you’re ready to make fuel.

Hi darkthought, I don’t have any specifics at the moment but I know there are still some pressing issues for players. I’m working on getting more infomation on the team about followup updates and will let the community know as soon as I get more details.

I saw your recent report in the PC section too and will update the report for the team that you are still experiencing this.