[Console] Update Information 2022/12/13

Hi everyone!

I wanted to share a quick update with you that the next update for XBox and PlayStation has now been submitted to Microsoft and Sony for approval. This means that the update should be released early next week for both consoles.

We’re compiling the details of fixes and changes made with this update and will be posting these in the News and Announcements section closer to release date.

Please do not hesitate to report any issues you experience in the current version to the Console Bug Reports section - the team will be continuing to work on issues reported by players.

Thank you!


This is the one with Piles correct and this is the last patch for SD right?

Hi Lothaer,

Yes, this is the update with piles in it. This is the last feature being added, but the team will continue to address bugs and look at potential Quality of Life updates from the PC version that may be brought over in future updates.


Thank you Clare.

Hopefully container slot increase comes in a QoL patch one day

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Good news, Thanks for all you do!!

should this update fix the problem of hosting or joining a game online??

Hi secret777,

I do not have all the info about all of the specific fixes in the update at the moment, however I do know that there’s some stability fixes included and fixes that will hopefully have a knock-on effect to other issues experienced by players. Unfortunately, with the info I have, I can’t confirm if any of these will help the issue you are experiencing.


Whenever someone had a glitch with a disappearing/teleporting raft (like my raft), you always asked two things:

  1. How did you last save? Shelter or sleeping bag?

  2. Did you last save on a custom island or a natural one?

Since I’ve never messed around with custom islands (and I had saved with a sleeping bag on the open ocean and then on land), I can only infer that the dev team was aware of a bug with the sleeping bag. Do you know if the sleeping bag will be safe to use next week? Or will it continue to be… filled with bugs? I don’t like bugs in my sleeping bag…

Hi Expectorant,

I am not aware of any issues that occur as a result of saving with the sleeping bag specifically. The reason I ask these questions is the team will always try to recreate the issue internally on their own systems using the information provided by those reporting them. The more information I have, even around things like saving, or the type of island players were using, helps the team to work to recreate the issue as accurately as possible.

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I just got the update on Xbox (Xbox Series X, Version: 2104 (at the Main Menu) and unfortunately the glitch where you lose your crafting progress is still occurring when playing in an online session. I go to multiplayer, create a private session. Grab some fibrous plant, make some lashing, save at my tent, quit out to main menu and then load back in and when looking at the crafting menu, the icon is still gray as a opposed to the brown you get when you craft something. I hope there will be a fix to this soon!

P.S Is there a way to view the patch notes for what has been updated? I have been looking for it but can’t find it. All I found was [Console] Update Information 2022/12/13 is there possibly something more detailed on-site?

Hi Strive,

I’m sorry to hear this issue is still occuring for you, I know the team were working on this issue and I will let them know you are still experiencing it in the latest version.

Patch notes have been posted here: [Console] Update 2104 Notes - sorry for the delay in them being posted.

Hi Clare,

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly! Any estimate on when the issue could be fixed by? I understand there may be other issues that are higher up on the list but a rough idea would be nice to know (if at all possible!) Thank you and hope to hear more from you soon! Everything is very much appreciated! :smile:

Hi Strive,

No problem and thanks for your understanding. Unfortunately I don’t have an estimate on when the this issue will be resolved, just that it was actively being worked on. If I can get more info from the team about it I will pass it onto you.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

Hey Clare,

I understand how some of this works although I am not proficient in it. I understand that once an update is ready to be pushed on to microsoft, you then need to wait for approval so I can understand how not only will the software take some time to prepare but then the approval so I am more understanding than the average consumer.

Just let me know when there’s an update! Thanks!

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Hi Strive,

You are correct in your description of what it can take get an update from development to release. The latest update should be live in all regions now and as soon as I have more information on further updates it’ll be posted in the News and Announcements section.