[XB1][2071] Connection Issues

Im trying to learn how to navigate and create my own bug report but I heard you were a good mod Clare so I wanted to reach out and say multiple players I know are having issues (xbox one) establishing a connection to create or join a server in the online menus. Everyone has received the update so I was wondering if the servers will go live for Xbox at a certain time or are we bugged?

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Hi Ghostprojoe113, welcome to the forums and no worries, I have seperated your comment into its own topic so I can address it. (For future reference, on the forums the "New Topic’’ button should be on the top right of both the front page of the forums and each section. Just make sure if making it from the front page you choose the right section :slight_smile: )

With regards to the XB1 connection issues, players are joinging a game someone is hosting and that game is maintained on the hosts console so it sounds like the is a connection issue occuring somewhere…

Can you tell me where the error is occuring for you? Is there an error message displaying when trying to connect or does it happen when trying to load the game? Are you joining a game or hosting or both when you experience this issue?

Please also let me know what your NAT type is set to (this should be in “Current Network Status” in your system settings.) and if you’re connecting via Wifi or a cable/direct connection.

If you have a friend you’re trying to connect to, knowing the same details for them might help too. Please also let me know which of you is typically trying to be the host and which of you is looking to join.

Any other information you can think of about your experience and internet connection that you think might be useful, please send it my way. The more information we have, the more we can investigate what could be causing this issue.


My NAT type is open I have full connection from my wifi all bars. The problem occurs when I access any function to do with the online option. It will let me select between host or join both will take a few moments to tell me “error failed to connect to server” I have the updated version I triple checked. Uninstalled / re installed I managed to get it to work one time before that. My game crashed while trying to load a host game so I booted it back up hit join game and somehow it worked but not well and it threw me into a random players game with out me selecting anything so I left figuring the connection problem was fixed. But the problem still continues.

I also have a roommate who is having the same issue on his Xbox and another one of my friends at his house no one can host or join a game due to error cannot to connect to server

I was looking to host because my Xbox connection offers the lowest ping ect. Compared to my friends when they are the host but I’m also looking to join and make new friends in the community

Hi Ghostprojoe113 - thank you for those details about your setup. Can you confirm for me that you never see the Game Type and Region option?

I will report these details to the team and see if I can get any other workarounds for you to try.

Are the router and provider you have the same as what your friend has at his house? do you have any ports forwarded on them?

Sorry I also forgot to ask what region are you in?

When I select host I am able to select if I want it private or public and what region to help my friends find it easier but when I launch the session to create a lobby I get the error message so just up to that point is all I get. I have never made it into an established lobby I’m hosting. I am Eastern USA

We all use Xfinity me and my roommate are on the same router my friend has Xfinity but a different router my roommate and I havent had any trouble with our internet it’s only our two Xboxs connected to it and my other friend lives by himself and he is the only one on his wifi and he says he never has connection issues unless there is a really bad storm but it’s been clear all week which is why I was telling them it might be a bug but I just didn’t know if the servers were going to go live at like 3pm est on this date ect.

Thanks for that info Ghostprojo113,

When selecting the region are you using Auto or chosing USA, East?

Have you tried selecting a different region such as USA, west?

I have tried using my region and auto both have failed I’m loading it up to try it as I type…
West usa works for some reason I can host and join games I guess I have to use that selection for the time being?

Thank you for trying the alternate region, I’m glad to hear that a different region is working for you. I will inform the team about the issue with connecting to your local region so they can investigate what could be causing the issue with that connection.

Though I know using an alternate region is not ideal, I hope it helps you and your friends play together while the team look into this. If you experience any further connection issues, please let me know.

Thank you Clare youre doing an amazing job helping all these people I’ll be back if I have more issues

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I’m also having the same issues, me and my brother are on the same wifi, we both are using the 5G variety of wifi and tried 2.4ghz wifi as well. We join the game and actually make it into the lobby but then lose connection immediately and we’ve ruled out wifi because my friend about 13 miles away is going through the same issue with a different provider. It all seems to be one region witch is eastern USA. At least what I could find online. I could not find a work around

What region did he try

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I tried it on auto no luck. I tried it on USA east where I am no luck only USA west works and now there is a bigger bug that’s plaguing the community. There is a big that breaks the game completely not allowing you to interact with anything that isn’t at water level the game is now unplayable it will happen randomly out of no where I’m still trying to remember everything that’s caused it multiple times to me and my friends

@Ridin54 - Please let me know what regions do not work for you, particularly if you are not in USA, East and have tried other regions too.

The loss of intereactions bug that @Ghostprojoe113 mentioned is one the team is aware of and are currently working to resolve. I recently updated information in the main post I created for it here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - If you experience this issue please feel free to share your details there if you have not done so already.