[XB1][2071] Connection issue

So just so I know when I play on Xbox I click mulitplayer and host game but everytime I do I met with this message and same with my friends

Hi ExodiaTheFx1, welcome to the forums.

I moved your comment to a new topic so I can address it directly and in case it is a separate issue to the original post you commented on.

What region are you in?

Have you tried selecting a region other than “Auto”? If so, which regions have you tried - you may wish to try a region that does not match your own to see if that works.

If changing the region does not work, please let me know what your NAT type is and if you are using wifi or a cable connection.

OK so did not try to switch server thought auto would work but yea that worked

Thanks for letting me know that worked for you ExodiaTheFx1. The team is aware of this issue with connectivity in some regions and investigating it.

If you have further issues with connecting to certain regions, please let me know.

Try a new location. Like American west. (East doesn’t work)