Waiting for patch, loss of interactions

I have read as many of the post as I can, followed all suggestions, even learned how far the devs have come towards creating a solution, but am looking for an update. I, like many, have recreated many saves on PS4 which have varying ‘days’ until the ‘loss of interaction’ happens and none of the events seem to be related. Neither islands explored, coconuts drank, sharks slaughtered with my stabby stab knife, or my unrelenting insults to that npc giant crab thing. There seems to be no rhyme or reason.
The last save I worked on may be my last though. It is tiresome.
I have seen how far the attempts at a patch have come, but I cannot find a time frame for it. Not even days, or weeks.
I, like many others LOVE this game, but like many others know it is broken. Until a patch is at least given a potential release date, cannot there be a roll back?
Please? One or the other doesn’t seem to be unfair request.


The thing with forums, you really have to read threads in their entire context, or at least check moderator and/or developer’s original posts for updates.

They have released a patch to fix the issue BUT…

It is out of their hands now. It’s in Sony/Microsfts hands. They essentially give the file to Sony/Microsoft, who then have to validate it. This is now a Sony/Microsft process and the dev team have no information passed back to them. Well probably not until Sony/Microsoft come back to them and inform them that their file has passed ‘validation’ and will go live on blah blah blah date.

Even if they rolled back to a previous verion, the process would probably be very similar.

Ha, the irony…I didn’t go back and read the main patch thread :slight_smile:

They have a fix, and are testing it internally. I’m sure they will let us know when it has been submitted to Sony/Microsoft.

I appreciate the response, but it artfully dodged the two simple questions. One: Is there a time frame (ask Sony), two, what was your question again?
Stop wasting the time I have left with my kids.
Thanks for your efforts, and all you have done before. We LOVED your game, but will move on. Our best to all of you.


I am not a Dev, so I do not have details as to why the patch would not be rolled back. I would suspect as Reebont mentioned, it could also take a significant amount of time and is not as quick a fix as it may seem.

With regards to the timeline, as I have mentioned in other posts, it is very difficult to estimate the timeline for the release. As Sam highlighted in his post on the patching and submission process ([PS4/XB1] Dev Update on Interaction Bug) there are a number of factors that can eat up time. If that changes and an estimate becomes available as things progress, then the community will be updated.

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May I suggest Valheim as a good game, if you all have PCs.

at this point I think we just move on to another game and play that until this one is fixed, no point getting frustrated any further…

Totally agree. Work arounds etc and going on and on about the same things wont help anything. Just play something else. I know the team are aware and have a fix for the issues but if I was the developer I would at least post once a day to even just say “sorry no news yet” that would mean alot really. I know its out of their hands as we speak but I think I speak for alot of people when a loss of interaction is not just a bug, but also the developers themselves


Just a quick question regarding this. How did Sony/Microsoft end up approving the last update? How could they not notice the interaction bug? :sweat_smile::joy:

@Mazzy92 I have no idea how Sony/Microsoft work, but I am assuming their validation process is more technical rather than how a game plays.

Sony/Microsoft will be more concerned with games breaking their OS on their consoles or the game code interacting with their consoles that fudge the console somehow. Also, I would expecdt them to look for any malicious code that may be in there etc.

Sony/Microsoft are protecting their name/interests…not making sure the game plays correctly.


Aún no tienen respuesta por parte de Sony para liberar el parche?

Translation added by Clare using Google Translate
Still no response from Sony to release the patch?

Hi Yahalex,

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Thank you for your understanding.

With regards to your question, I have not recieved confirmation of submission yet. Once I do I’ll update my Known Issues post (linked a few comments above).

If you’re on an Xbox, Game Pass just released a very fun Survival game. I won’t use the name here, but it’s the newest Survival game added the Game Pass. I’m going to have patience and wait for the game to get the patch but in the meantime the other game is very fun

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That’s a good answer, thanks :grin::+1:

Hope the update is ready soon! Can’t wait to finally continue the exploring :grin:

Reading this post I just want to say wow some of you guys need to chill out [Removed -Clare]. I give 100% to the Devs and to th people that have helped out with the bug they did a fast job sorting it well trying to keep the game to the public and known and also they are doing other plans for the game but they stopped that to sort this bug out, I have been waiting for over 5 years for bugs to be fixed in star citizen and I have spent over £2000 in the game but I don’t message the hell out of them asking when it’s done, please just thank all the guys that has helped with this bug.

Now that’s valuable input, thank you @Ghostshadow! Reading how much money you spend on games… no, I’ll spare sharing my thought on that and rather use my energy for something useful.
Which btw is something you could have done instead of calling people behaving like kids, do us a favour and help spreading the good news which Clare posted just an hour ago - well, for those who might come across this topic:
The fix for the interaction issues has been passed to Sony and MS! :smiley:

@Clare thanks a lot for your help and understanding for the players, especially those of us who haven’t yet been able to spent like 200 hours with it before the bug struck :grin:
Reading your post, to me it almost felt as if you were notably excited about being able to give us this update, your dedication is much appreciated :+1:

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I am on like day 322 in game and luckily I have spent the last 2 weeks on 1 island building and getting it set up the way I want it.
Yesterday I took my raft to the closest island to get wood. I was unable to cut down any trees or do anything of real need. I ventured to 2 other islands and the same had the same issue. couldnt cut yukka , pick plants , anything .
Then I looked around the internet and it turns out this has been a thing for almost 2 weeks!! I see that the Stranded Deep team have issued Sony and Microsoft a patch that fixes this. I was wondering how long ago Sony and Microsoft received this Bug fix? (well, Sony mainly as I play on PS4) because it is possibly the worst thing that can happen in this most wonderful game and I would like to go shout at Sony.
If they received it yesterday I can understand the delay for releasing the patch but if they received it over a week ago, Im going into rage mode and putting them on blast.

@Bocat I have been passing the news on my streams and on others streams.

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It should not be internally but externally for people to report back. Have computers on the outside of the server not computers on the inside for qa. Who the heck is sam?

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