Ps4 No Interaction

Same issue here. Seems like the latest PS4 update broke the game.


There is another thread on this, they are looking into it. Been happening since the update I guess. I’ve been trying to pinpoint what causes it. It happens to me when I leave large islands with cliffs, but I haven’t been able to test fully if those islands cause it.

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Hi guys I might found a solution on this issue. I think its because of the height you can try it and see if it’s work. Put your shelter and water still close to the sea(at sea level you will be able to interact with them but above the sea level you won’t be able to interact with nothing unless you crouch. So meanwhile you can still play until they fix it

What about getting sticks? I can’t chop anything. Do UK what I can do about that? Oh my shelters are always built at the water so ik witch way I came from and if I come back ik ive been there. My problem is chopping. Leaves and trees

I chopped everything as fast as I can put them next to the sea because when it’s start the bug again I can’t really do nothing so I just save my progress and move to my home base or different island and start again

Hi Brittney, welcome to the forums,

I’m glad to hear you enjoy Stranded Deep so much and I’m sorry this issue is affecting your save. As Phoenix20 mentioned there is another bigger thread on this which has become one of the main hubs for players discussing this issue. This can be found here: [PS4][2071][Gameplay] Can't interact with most things but I also created a Known Issues post for the forums here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - this is also for collecting player experiences but also if any workarounds are discovered, I’ll be editing the post to include them.

Please let me know if you’ve noticed if this issue occurs in a cycle for you, if you stay in the game to the interactions come back and then leave again?
Please also let me know if you recall anything you did around the time (or shortly before) the issue triggered such as sailing, harvesting plants etc, and do you recall hearing any noises that seemed out of place?

Thank you for your response I will check out these threads you mentioned I just joined last night to see what was going on I figured it had to do with the update seeing how it happened right after. But now that you mention it. I was on my raft I killed a shark but the shark music continued I thought thats weird there should only be one around this ship wreak. I went to move my raft and couldn’t put my sail back up. And getting up from my rudder was difficult also thats when I noticed I couldn’t chop I went to make more spears and couldn’t. It all happened suddenly really and like I said I’ve never had a problem other than every now and again when I try to save it’ll kick me off and everything I done would be lost but that stopped and hasn’t happened again.

Thank you for letting me know Brittney. Do you recall at all which type of ship wreck you were near when this happened?

It was an completely underwater ship wreak. It was a Yate, and it was not a boss island

That’s great, Thank you for letting me know :slight_smile:

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I’m sorry but I have one more question. Am I going to have to start over when this is fixed because i saved the game?

I am not sure Brittney, this will depend on both what is causing the bug itself and what the nature of the fix is, however the team will always aim to avoid restarts wherever possible.

Ok thank u so much Clare and also thank u to yalls team for working so hard to fix this for us stranded deep lovers. It really is an awesome game.

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Thank you for your support and understanding while we work to resolve this Brittney! :slight_smile:

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Hi Stranded Deep Team,

I have the same problem, on PS4, no interaction with items after Day 7. At first I thought it had something to do with travelling to another island. But now, even if I stay on the home island, the no interaction bug occurs.
Switching to 3rd person, no clouds, no wildlife also doesn‘t help.

Please give us a daily update what the team has tried to fix the problem so far. I just bought the game and can‘t play, that‘s really sad.


Hey clare I was wondering why dont y’all just take the upgrade back? Or give us an option to redownload the old game? We seemed to not have any problems with it. Just a thought I’m sure y’all are working supper hard on this and thank u. I hope yall figure out something sooner than later it seems people are getting very frustrated lol its a highly addictive game. People are losing it lol we need stranded deep in our life

@Ben1 - Thank you for reporting your experience with the issue and for letting me know the workround has no effect on your save - this is good for the team to know. The team are working to resolve this issue and while I can send this feedback to them, I do not feel it is likely that we will see a daily update from the team.

@Brittney - As I’m not a dev I’m not what the details of reverting a patch on console are or how easy/complicated it would be. I will however pass this feedback onto the team as I know a number of players in the community have mentioned it now.

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Thank u I have taken some time away although I have been checking here and there to see if it has been resolved. I do miss playing it kept me busy being a stay at home mom thats child is now in school I get very bored and lonely during the day. Stranded deep makes my day go by much faster. So I would be so grateful for a fix.


Thank you for your understanding Brittney. I understand you deciding to take time away from Stranded Deep while we work to resolve this issue. In case you mised it today I updated my Known Issues post. The fix is not built has has been passed on to QA for verification. Once that’s sorted it’ll be submitted to Sony and Microsoft for approval as soon as possible.