PS4 Interaction Bug

So I absolutely love this game and this really sucks that it’s doing this. But no matter if I’m on CO-OP or solo, I get the day 6 interaction bug. I can’t click on anything or do anything. My character is currently dying from this bug cause I can’t make antidote, eat, drink, nothing works at all.

Please please fix this. I originally thought it was just a co-op thing but it happened on a new save solo game.

The Developers seem to have identified the issue, check out Sams latest post here:

The forum is full of posts on the issue and some workarounds uncertain to work, but we can hope for the fix to be delivered soon from what Sam wrote. Though it also indicates that tmo we have to wait at least another week due to the many stages the Software has to pass before actually being available on your console.

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Thanks for providing that information @Bocat

Hi Mamabear1394 - welcome to the forums,
As Bocat mentioned above this issue is being worked on by the console team and in the link they provided Sam gives a break down of the steps required to release a fix.

You may also find more information in a post I’m updating here - [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Loss of interactions - which includes some workarounds that players have found works for them which you may wish to try.

I’m still having problems in game is still unplayable. I tried the fix but didn’t work.

Your stupid update didn’t do ■■■■. Fix the interactive stuff 1st ffs. Rip offs

I spent more time waithing for them to fix the game that i actualy played the game.Such a cheap game what a joke

@clynn - I have updated my post (linked above with more details about the workaround and why it may or may not work should you wish to read it. I am sorry to hear it did not work in your save.

@DeathBknowN - I responded to your other post on this. There is no need to duplicate posts across the forums.

I would like to remind both yourself, and @Grandmasteryoda to adhere to the forum rules when posting. Rules and Guidelines - Stranded Deep which includes treating the forums with respect.

As soon as the game is fix i will

Now come on friend. Swearing isn’t going to help anyone get this fixed any faster. Provide your own account of how the bug manifests on your platform and do your best to remain patient!

If it’s any consolation, I have found that avoiding cliff islands prevents the bug from initiating no guarantee but it has worked for me so far. I’m no dev but it’s allowed me to continue to play, albeit slightly limited, while we all wait for a solution.

I understand your frustration, and that people expect something they’ve paid for to function properly. However, this was obviously an unintended side effect of attempting to expand gameplay in the interests of players.

Sincerely, xoxo

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