PS4 2083 Glitches/Freezing

Sorry I missed responding to this Demonhunter1107. I will pass this onto the team as I understand the frustration that could cause when building.

Here is something else i picked up. When u build a house on ur island. Why do bats and seagulls fly through the walls which are a solid fixure but they fly into and capsize ur crates? Also since that last big update the sunscreen seems to be multiplying. There is one in ur starercrate. Then u leave it lying on the sand. It becomes 2 then 3 tubes. Not that im complaining vause it always comes in handy :grin:

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Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thanks for mentioning both of these.

From what I can tell, the team have a fix for the sunscreen duplicating on reload issue and it should be included in the next update. So you shouldn’t be overrun with sunscreen after that.

For the bats and seagulls clipping through walls but crash into crates and rafts issue, this was previously reported by players but I’ll let the team know you’ve experienced this in the latest version.

Game just bombed out againon day 29. I have reported this multiple times. Even sent those things u asked for a while back. Thos has been going on for years. Havent had any feedback or posibility of a fix. Really frustrating. Cause if it starts its defenately gonna continue. I wonder if it doesnt have sonething to do with too many things and too big a house on one island. Which cant be changed by player as it is your island. Also in videos on youtube some guys build 4 times the amount of buildings. Was wondering if anyone else complains with gake that freezes. Really annoying. Even if ur just on a visiting island. U do everything possible. It takes a while. And to then have to redo everything makes me mad. Imagine playing hour or 2 and then loosing everything. When i play PGA golf and power goes off it saves where i game switches off. Know u have an online function. Maybe the whole game should be like that. But also not sure if it will save because of error. And yes its same error. And i saved from first triangle house/bed. Normally works. Dont even maoe the second bed as that was ur suggestion last time

Hi Demonhunter1107,

Thank you for reporting this and for continuing to report when you experience crashes, knowing how many are affected and how often is important information for the team to have. The team have worked on issues that have affected stability and would have caused some trickle down issues in the game that would have led to crashing or freezing when saving - some fixes have been released in previous updates but they are continuing to work on other potential causes also. While after the recent update the frequency of reports of crashes from players dropped, I understand that this issue is continuing for some players, including yourself and may be caused by other issues resulting in the same effect.

I have decided to submit a new report to the team with recent information from yourself and other players, but also including the save file you shared and a link to previous information so the team can focus on investigating what could be continuing to affect your save.

I have also included the message you posted above with your understandable feedback about how frustrating these issues can be when playing.

Hi there. Started new game see theres been an update and some changes. Gonna give u feedback as i play. Flares hang burning in the sky for hours. I shoot flare go to sleep wake up and theyr still burning. Crates starter and wooden. Some dont give you option to pick up but just to open. Actually leaving one of each behind on ky first island.ive actuall got 4 spesific wooden crates and 1 starter crate i need to leave behind coz i dont have the option to pick them up but only to open. Must say graphics look better lamps in the evening are much brighter and shine more. Looks nice. Rotate function doesnt work. Couldnt rotate my canopie or container shelf. Will keep you updated if i find anything else

this is stupid. I have wooden crates on my raft in shelves i can also not pick up. Game just randomly chooses. Seems after updates problems just go from bad to worse. Its just nonstop issues

With the recent update buddy the flares lasting longer and the latern brightness have been updated to match the PC version. The crate issue is a bug they are aware off. But if you do trigger this bug then just save the game and reload it and it will fix the issue. Most of the time this bug is due to moving alot of items from 1 crate to another. And the rotating problem your having i believe they have changed the building system so what ever platform your playing on try holding the buttons down and it should work :+1:t3:

No problem with flares and lamps. Works for me. Gotten to grips with holding button to rotate stuff. But rebooting everytime a crate is stuck is huge problem. Please fix asap. Havent picked up anything else sofar

Hi Demonhunter1107,

My apologies for the delay in responding to your posts. Thank you for providing feedback on your experiences.

And thank you @Charlie1992 for sharing that info.

Re the crates, Charlier1992 is correct that the team is aware of and working on this issue and from reports and their investigations it is most likely to occur when players organise or move a lot of items around in their storage.

While I understand they are not ideal, below are the workarounds players have mentioned:

  • Reloading the save (as Charlie1992 already mentioned)
  • Traveling to an island and back again to reload the area.
  • Waiting a few in-game days, I believe this player also mentioned sleeping so that may be a factor.
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Thanx for the feedback. This crate problem never used to be a problem. Again after every update there are new and more problems in the game. Would have much tather prefered the original one i played when i bought it. These work arounds dont work for me and is frustrating.
If a crate does that and u reboot or wait a few days or travel to another island it all takes up time and days. As ps4 starts freezing i kond of dont have time to waste. Have watched videos of people building mansion. Checked on game people play a single game for hundreds of days. Would have liked that but dont have that option because of freezing. Which has been issue after first update after i bought it.
So again please fix crate problem rest ill get used to. And check on freezing as it has been a problem for like forever

As frustrating as that sounds mate its more to do with sony rather than stranded deep itself because im on xbox and yea sure there are some bugs but the freezing is not an issue at all. Havent had the game freeze since the update when you saved and it froze all that time ago lol

Well thats weird. Because when i bought the game i went to day 72 now i battle to make 30 after updates. But … Just try and fix crate problem

Thank you for that info Demonhunter1107 and I understand that those workarounds are not ideal. The team are working to get a fix for the crate problem out as soon as possible.

Regarding crashes, the team are continuing to work on crashes in game. Some things they are investigating is how saving on multiple islands may affect saves for some players as well as different issues with crates in game affecting saves.

Another player also reported recently that due to errors when upgrading their PS4 hardrive, they needed to rebuild the database procedure from safe mode on the PS4. They found after doing this they no longer experienced crashes in Stranded Deep as an unintentional side effect. As the team are continuing to investigate triggers of crashes, I cannot say that this would work for everyone or if this was an outlying case for this user. If you do decide to try this, I would advise caution and doing your own research into Sony’s official guides onto something like this. My main aim here is just to info share.