[PC] Update - Patch Notes

Hi all,

An update for PC was released today. Please see below for the list of fixes included in this build.

For further information on further fixes and updates, please see the latest Message from the Team post [here]

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed players unable to host games in the “USA, East” region.
  • Fixed no feedback when client disconnects during join-in-progress during ‘Sync World’.
  • Fixed Map Editor save menu not localizing for French language.
  • Fixed UI navigation becoming partially unresponsive after attempting to create an online session with no internet connection in Host Game menu.
  • Cartographer: Fixed game hanging when the player clicks on the ‘Yes’ button multiple times on the confirmation prompt for ‘Generate Perlin’.
  • Fixed a repro for players getting stuck on ‘Cleaning Up’ screen.
  • Fixed loss of input when switching to another item immediately after firing a projectile.
  • Fixed local co-op games getting stuck if P2 opens pause menu and unassigns their controller.
  • Fixed player able to change settings of existing save game after creating a new game with different settings on the same save slot.
  • Fixed ‘Apply’ button position in the Join Game lobby menu.
  • Fixed game not displaying confirmation notification when saving a game.
  • Fixed host and client being able to drag the same ‘Palm Tree’ simultaneously.
  • Fixed changing ‘World’ mode in New Game menu affecting mode in multiplayer Host Game menu.
  • Replaced internet connectivity check with a more reliable method.
  • Changed localization to load immediately from system language.

Known Issues

  • Can’t craft items using materials from multiple Item Piles.

Thank you, as always, for your continued support while the team works on issues reported by the community. Please continue to report any issues you experience with the PC version in the PC Bug Report section of the forums.

Stay Alive!
:: Beam Team


Um…I thought PC was done with and the console versions was the main focus now?

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What happened to consoles being priority, how long do we have to wait for this game to be playable??? Haven’t got half the features of the pc version, took our money and then literally left us Stranded… With unplayable broken game.

In the update post for PC it’s mentioned that….”Replaced internet connectivity check with a more reliable method.” ….what would those new connectivity methods be?

For clarity regarding work on the console version of the game:

While there is some overlap in team members, especially where issues may affect all versions of the game, the Console team are focusing on the last feature being added to the console version, the piles feature, for the next console update as well as reported issues. After that the console team will continue working on issues reported by the community.

The PC version is feature complete, and while releasing piles on console is a main focus for the team, members of the PC team are continuing to work on issues reported by players.

More information about the upcoming updates, including what is needed before the console update is released, can be found in the recent Message from the Team.

Please bear with me while I reach out to the team to see if I can get more info for you on this GrandDaddyGamer.

Thank You Clare I appreciate that

BTW, I’m getting alot of reports from players on my Youtube channel that hands are now bugged on PC since the update… just so you know (I’m sure you do already, just a heads up)

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Im not sure where to ask

Is the switch version abandoned?

Pretty much

It didn’t receive any playtime