[Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Multiplayer Disconnects

Issue Summary:
This issue appears to have a number of triggers but can also seem random to a lot of players. It is possible there are multiple issues resulting in similar disconnects.

Commonly reported versions include…

  • Both players travelling together on the same raft across the island boundry in the middle of the ocean.
  • Desync of water flask servings. If this drops to 0 but appears to be full for one player and they drink from it, player 2 will disconnect
  • Being on separate islands (this is successful for a lot of players so it’s not 100% clear as to what is triggering this one to occur)

There are no workarounds. However, not sharing water flasks may help avoid one of the triggers.

Further Reporting
If you have experienced a disconnect, please let me know below what was occuring in your game at the time.

Please also be sure to mention which version number you are playing as I believe as there have been some multiplayer updates since disconnects were first reported they may not all be the same cause / issue. The more information you can provide about your experience of the disconnects the better I can try to separate out all the information for the team - any information is also greatly appreciated, thank you in advance.

Additional Questions:
Please let me know if you’re using any other console apps or console chat at the same time as playing Mutliplayer and if Stranded Deep is hosted on an Internal or External Drive. - Thank you!

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Had just saved, random gathering on same island, player 2 was rearranging and sorting crates and inventory. We’ve had disconnection just walking around an island together.

Edit: upon restart, player 2 is empty again, still had no toolbelt but has now also lost refined spear, ax, flashlight.

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Thank you for this information Wistariagold. Thank you also for letting me know that player 2 experienced the inventory issue twice without having any active toolbelts. I shall add a note on my report on this for the team.

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I’m playing with my bf, and I keep disconnecting now. It started after day 10, and we’ve not done any of the things the list above mentions. Before disconnecting tho, my frames starts to drop more and more until it’s completely unplayable, and it kicks me out. This will happen all from 1 minute after joining, to 10 minutes. We were wondering if it’s because we have too many things laying around the island? We’ve tried cleaning up, but it doesn’t seem to stop. This is the third time we’ve played it together, but i haven’t lagged out much before that, and whenever I have it’s been because of my internet being slow, yet I’m certain that’s not the problem now.

Just thought I’d share if this is a common problem or if it’s just us?

Hi InnocntBystandr, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear the disconnects are affecting you too. While a lot of loose items on your island can contribute to lag, it may not be the only thing affecting your disconnects. Have you noticed any instances of desync when playing multiplayer? Such as duplicated items or differences between what you and your bf see when playing?

There was an update yesterday to version 2078 which has some fixes for desync issues that may help with save stability and prevent some of the causes of disconnects, however the investigation into these disconnects is ongoing so it will likely not prevent disconnects for you entirely. If you do, or don’t, notice a change, please let me know as I can update the team on player experiences of this issue post-update.

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Hi again,

It was after the update that we first experienced these things, but the problem only started occurring after a couple of hours had went by. We have noticed a couple of instances of desync however, and thinking about it, it was later on that those happened whenever we played that day, so it might’ve done something. The normal disconnects I’ve gotten before have seemed to be a bit more random, but they’ve probably been connected to the desync in that case, but I can’t really tell if that’s the case for the resent ones where the frames drop, since it can happen within a minute of just joining, where it’s hard for me to tell what’s even going on at that point.

I will add that I’m playing on 100-200 ping since my bf lives quite far away, so it might add something to all of this, but I’m just confused since it’s a very recent and recurring issue for me at least.

Thank you so much for your time and help tho, it’s much appreciated :blush:

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Thank you for those additional details InnocentBystandr, I will pass them onto the team.

If you start to notice desyncs, it may be worth saving and reloading or getting player 2 to leave and rejoin to help resync which may in turn help prevent disconnects. I understand this is not ideal but it may help prevent further issues during gameplay while this issue persists for players.

Lastly, can you confirm for me what platform you’re playing on? This helps the team track reports over the different consoles.

Thanks again!

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I’m on the PS4 :slight_smile:

Thank you so much for the help! Have a lovely day <3

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Thank you - I’ll update my counter.
Hope you have a lovely day yourself :slight_smile:

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hi there
me and my friend are playing the ps4 and we keep getting disconected from online it is saying “server errror” while wandering or saving he is in the U.S and i am in the E.U im hosting the game and we also disconected while sailing on the boat sometimes my game keeps going and he joins again but the last few times i also lost connection i report the issues on psn through the bleu screen where u can also send a video clip with it, the ping is going up and down around the 200 range idk if that helps also he has version 1.12 and i have 1.11

we really enjoy playing the game cant wait to see Stranded 2 Deep😜

also as a suggestion i dont know if its been made yet but im sure u guys have thought all ready of it is an online map thank u so much for your time

Hi Runestone90,

Thank you for reporting your experience of this issue, as you’re both in two different regions, the version difference is expected due to some technical updates required in the US. If I recall correctly it was to change the age rating or something along those lines. Not anything that affected the game itself. So long as you both see 2078 in the bottom left of the main menu you’re in sync with updates.

Are the disconnects you experience primarily from the host losing connection or Player2 disconnecting and needed to rejoin?

As you mentioned a blue screen, it sounds like you’re experiencing crashes too, can you elaborate on what happens before this occurs? While the PlayStation reports to get to the team, this can take some time so I appreciate you reporting this to us directly!

When these disconnects happen , do you notice a desync between what each of you sees in game at all?

Thanks again for reporting this to us, and for your feedback as well - I’ll pass this onto the team :slight_smile:


I was trying to play the multiplayer with a friend, but the game kept saying disconnected from server and kicking us within the first two minutes after the plane crash scene. This happened four times in a row. We tried connecting with the USA East region as we are in that area and live in the same city for the first three times, but it still happened when we tried USA West the fourth. It disconnects too quickly to build a shelter quick and save. He is on an X-Box One and I am on a X-Box Series S if that makes a difference. Would appreciate any assistance.

Thank you

Hi Stonewall_Hackson, welcome to the forums.

I edited the format of your comment so I could read it easier, I hope you don’t mind.

Would you mind telling me roughly when you were having your server issues? There was a server error on Tuesday/Wednesday depending on time zone that was affecting both Hosts and any Player2 that joined that made maintaining a connection to the server difficult. If this happened recently or shortly before you reported the issue, please let me know.

While the team are continuing to investigate disconnects which are believed largely in part to be related to desyncs, this issue appears to be different in that it affects the host as well. Any extra info you can provide about the time this occured and if it still occuring for you would be greatly appreciated by the team. Thank you!

Are there server issues today? My husband and I played together with no issues last weekend. Today, we played for about 2 hours, then I was booted. I can get back in, but it boots me again within 5-10 minutes. We are both on Xbox Series X in the US.

Hi LeahW, welcome to the forums,

Sorry for the delay in responding to your message. To my knowledge there were no server outages however I will let the team know so they can check. Is the issue still persisting for you or were you able to play again at a later stage?

It was just the one day. We played together the next day with no issues

Thanks for confirming that for me LeahW, I’m glad it only affected you for one day and I’ve made a note of it. If it happens again, please let me know.

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Me and my buddie play both on XBox1 and im always the host. We have tried all the servers and jo matter what he always gets kicked after about 20-30 mins of playing sometimes less. Then it take forever to reload him in the game. Its so bad that we have stopped playing the game altogether and it sucks because we love the game, it just unplayable in multiplayer. PLEASE fix this. Thanks and stay alive and stranded.

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Hi TheKonArtis, welcome to the forums,

I’m sorry to hear you’ve experiencing this disconnect issue. Please let me know what the NAT types for you and your friend are (these would be in under “Current Network Status” in your console “Network Settings”).

While I understand you are always hosting and that might be the preference for you both, can you confirm if the disconnects occur when your friend hosts?