Multiple issues including Multiplayer Disconnects

Hi Clare

I have experienced a number of the glitches listed in the Known Issues section including multiplayer disconnects. I haven’t yet figured out what triggers it but my question to you is this:

Is there somewhere in the forums where we can see which issues are being actively worked on? When the interaction bug was around the forum progress updates were really good. The pinned known issues post doesn’t seem to be actively maintained.

The bugs that I are affecting me the most are:

  • Multiplayer disconnects
  • Islands sometimes do not load, followed by multiplayer disconnect
  • Raft anchor and sail sometimes look like they are ‘up’ but functionally are ‘down’
  • Raft bases cannot be broken
  • Raft only steers right

Thanks for your work on the forums.

Hi Jonomatic, welcome to the forums,

As you reported having more than one issue, I have moved your post to a new topic so I can ask some questions about them but also answer your own questions about the forums.

With regards to the Known Issues posts, these are updated if I receive information from the team or workarounds/extra data from players. Generally new topics are created when there is a significant frequency of reports of an issue. This section is not the total number of issues the team are aware of and working on but the main reason this section was created was to help share and gather information among the community. There is no timeline or section detailing what is currently in progress by the team.

The interaction issue was somewhat different in that there was a lot of information being shared back and forth very quickly by both the team and the community, and the team were working to get a single fix update out as soon as possible. Other issues will likely go through the regular bug fixing process which does not see as many updates being shared by the team while they work on them.

With regards to the issues you are experiencing…

  • Can you confirm for me if you are playing on PlayStation or Xbox and if your save was created in version 2074 or earlier? Please also let me know what in-game day your save is on.

  • Please elaborate on what you meant by islands not loading and if this appears to occur for both players or just player 2? If player 2 disconnects does the island continue to load correctly for the host?

  • For the issue with the sail and anchor, is the incorrect display only occurring for player 2 or does it occur for the host also? Players have described seeing the anchor line reaching back to the last point where the anchor was deployed, is this what is occurring in your save? Please also confirm for me if the issue with the sail is referring to the sail appearing up for one player and down for the other but if the hosts side has it set to down it works as intended when sailing? If I have misunderstood this issue, please let me know.

  • Has your raft only ever been able to steer right or did this issue occur after something happened in game? Please describe your raft for me (or if you have a photo that would be good too). Are you using a rudder or a motor to steer or have you found both only steer right?

Any extra information you can provide would be greatly appreciated as it can help in investigating these issues and trying to replicate them on the dev side.

Seems me and him are haveing same problems im on ps4 and play multiplayer with my friend and same problems he has i have anchor prob not that big of deal tho seeing can just do opposite for them. But i am constantly getting booted from multiplayer me being player 2 and how it laggs alot seems to clear up and be smooth after traveling to different island

Hi Warload13,

As you are on PS4, please ask your friend if they would be willing to share the save file you have been using (other MP saves they have are also welcome!). The team are working on the various triggers for disconnects and player saves can help them in investigating causes and testing potential fixes. The instructions to do so are here: [Save File Request]

Thank you!

Ps4 lagging really bad soon as player 2 joins it gets a lot worse everything glitchy no matter if I go to another island same thing soon as player 2 leaves everything OK


If you’re happy to share a copy of your save, I think it would help the team to see the difference in your save between before and after the lag occurs. Please see the instuctions for sharing your save here: [Save File Request]

how do i send the fie to you

Please read the instructions in the link above, there is a step by step list for how to transfer save files.