[Known Issue] - Multiple doors and sides on containers

Issue Summary:
Players have found that red containers may have multiple doors when trying to open them as well as multiple sides when breaking them down.

It is possible to enter and search containers by continuing to open doors.

It is unconfirmed if using this parts on your island can cause a lag build up. If you have recently used container parts and found the lag increased (without the island being full of other items) and decreased when the parts were removed, please let me know and I will update my report for the team.

Please see the post from IggySoda that narrowed down what causes extra containers to spawn - [PS4][2033][Object Spawning]Additional Information on Infinite Shipping Container Panel Bug

And Lothaer, who discovered it occurs with planters too - [PS4][2033][HARVESTING] Infinite Harvest

it seems like all containers in my save are prone to this bug, and when I drop them below the surface of the water, they simply vanish, and are nowhere to be found. The same also with Yukka fruit continually spawning on a Yukka tree. I am not sure if it is simply because I hadn’t harvested them for a long time, then everytime the tree renews, it is spawning new yukka fruit, without removing the old ones, so when you harvest one, the old one is underneath, and so on.

I have also had this on every container I’ve found. Xbox One, passive mobs, able to build with all of them, nothing disappeared or seemed to cause excess lag.

I built all farm plots with them, if any of this is helpful at all.

@RightSide - Can you confirm for me you’re refering to red container parts, not small wooden containers?

Thank you for letting me know about the yucca, I’ll let the team know as I know they were working on a fix for this but I’m not sure if it was released yet.

@Frozztastic Is this red containers in a new save from 2071 or a save created in 2033? And can you confirm if this inclues red containers on beaches are well as ship wrecks or have you only seen one kind?

yes, I mean the red containers. They are spawning multiple doors and sometimes multiple sides, and when you accidentally let go of them when dragging (at least some of) them through the water, they don’t sink to the bottom, they just vanish, even in fairly shallow water. From above the surface of the water, they appear to be sinking, but when your viewpoint goes below the surface, they’re not visible.
and with the Yukka fruits, I noticed that it is consistent with how long I have been on my island, and how many times each tree has respawned new fibrous leaves. one of my trees had 15 extra yukkas, and the other one had 11 or so, and the latter was the one I had previously removed fruits from to plant my yukka trees.

It is the red containers, both on the beach, underwater, on ships, literally every one.

It has been happening on saves for a long time, well before the patch.

Thanks for confirming that info for me @RightSide and @Frozztastic - I wanted to make a note of this issue still occuring in this version for the team.

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update: Containers no longer seem to be spawning extra sides and doors, since the recent updates, but I did lose one panel after it fell into the ocean, and perhaps through the map, and straight away, I saved, and then it froze, and then after loading, it is stuck on cleaning up phase.

Thanks for letting me know RightSide, you’ve possibly already seen it but there’s an post on the “cleaning up” phase issue here: [Known Issue][PS4/XB1] Stuck in "Cleaning Up" phase on load

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