[PS4][2033][Object Spawning]Additional Information on Infinite Shipping Container Panel Bug

Providing additional observations in reguards to the “Infinite Container Panel/Door Bug”

This issue is non Seed Specific. If my specific seed is needed let me know.

No custom islands. Animals are passive in my game, all other settings are default.

I have a Crashed Freighter off the coast of my Center Island and have been keeping track of the number of (What i’ve been Calling) ‘Nested Shipping Containers’ that are on the freighter. This is what ive observed so far.

After counting the number of doors in a Nested Shipping Container:

  1. If i open all the doors on a Nested Shipping Container, save the game and return to the Nested Shipping Container without quiting, reloading or leaving the island, no new Container is spawned.
  2. If i quit and reload my save without first saving the game, no new Container is spawned.
  3. If i save, Quit the game, then reload my save without having left my island. The number of Nested Shipping Containers increases by 1.
  4. If i leave my island and visit another island then return to my central Island without saving, quiting or reloading my save. The number of Nested Shipping Containers increases by 1.
  5. If i leave my island, visit another island, save my game, quit and reload my game while on an island other than the island with the Nested Shipping Container, reguardless of how many times i save, quit, and reload my game while away from my center island, when i return to my central island The number of Containers in the Nested Shipping Container increases by 1.

Right now the Freighter has 3 Nested Shipping Containers each with 30 sets of Panels/Doors. I have not harvested any of them. As of yet i have not experiences any lag on the island yet.

I hope this information helps.


It’s more details for an already known bug.

Hi IggySoda - Welcome to the forums!

Thank you so much for taking the time to lay out in detail under which conditions you found another container can spawn within the already nested containers - this is super useful information and I’ll add this to my report for the team. I am glad to hear the island has not experienced lag as a result of this. If this changes, please do let me know!

Thank you also for using the bug reporting format, I really appreciate it :slight_smile: